Mobile Coolrooms for Hire: Mobile Coolrooms During Emergency Breakdowns

24 July 2023

Mobile Coolrooms for hire: Stay prepared with emergency breakdown solutions. Rent mobile coolrooms for immediate refrigeration needs. Contact us now!

Mobile coolrooms, also known as portable coolrooms or refrigerated trailers, are specialised mobile cold storage units designed for storing and transporting perishable goods at low temperatures. They are often used in the food and beverage, catering, and events industries.

These cold storage solutions can provide temporary refrigeration solutions to businesses during emergency breakdowns. Once refrigeration systems fail or encounter issues, business owners have to opt for mobile coolrooms to prevent product spoilage, financial losses, and major disruptions to their daily operations.

To know when to hire mobile coolrooms for your business, here are some situations that can take advantage of their cold storage capabilities.

Immediate Refrigeration Needs

Mobile coolrooms can provide immediate and temporary refrigeration capability when existing refrigeration systems experience breakdowns. They can be quickly deployed to the affected location, allowing businesses to continue their operations and prevent the loss of perishable products. These coolrooms offer a reliable and efficient cooling environment to save food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products from getting spoiled.

Additional Storage Requirements

The number of items that businesses have to preserve and store varies from time to time. Once their existing coolrooms and other cold storage solutions cannot handle the number of items businesses intend to store, they must opt for mobile coolrooms. Mobile coolrooms come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can also be tailored to accommodate the storage capacity needed by businesses, providing flexibility and adaptability in emergencies.

Quick Unit Deployment

Time is of the essence during emergency breakdowns. Mobile coolrooms can fortunately be deployed rapidly, enabling businesses to minimise downtime and quickly resume their operations. They are equipped with efficient cooling systems and can be installed on-site within a short timeframe. The availability of mobile coolrooms can help businesses reduce potential financial losses and maintain customer satisfaction during unexpected circumstances.

Stable Power Supply

To ensure mobile coolrooms can work for a long time, they are normally designed to operate with reliable power sources like generators or external power connections. The presence of mobile coolrooms ensures uninterrupted refrigeration even in situations where the main power supply is affected. Having a stable power source is essential to maintain the integrity and quality of stored products during emergencies.

Outdoor Business Operations

The mobility of mobile coolrooms is a significant advantage during emergency breakdowns or even during normal business operations. They can be easily transported to the affected location, whether to a restaurant, supermarket, hospital, or any other business premise. Mobile coolrooms are typically mounted on trailers or trucks, allowing them to be quickly and conveniently relocated as needed without any issues.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Mobile coolrooms offer a cost-effective solution compared to investing in new refrigeration systems or undergoing extensive repairs. Businesses can rent mobile coolrooms temporarily, allowing them to manage the financial impact of the breakdown more effectively. Mobile coolroom providers offer flexible rental options tailored to the specific needs of their operations or the duration of the emergency.

Mobile coolrooms play a vital role in emergency breakdown situations or general business operations by providing temporary refrigeration capacity, ensuring the preservation of perishable goods, and minimising operational disruptions.

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