What Should You Do if Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer are too Cold?

14 September 2021

Businesses that serve or offer food products to customers normally maximise commercial refrigerators and freezers for proper food storage. With these commercial equipment pieces, they can ensure that their offerings will stay fresh and free from any contamination for a long time. Both commercial refrigerators and freezers can cool products to certain temperatures. Their cooling capabilities prevent bacteria from infiltrating various food products and spreading across them. These functionalities likewise delay the deterioration and decomposition of most food products, making sure that they can still be used or sold whenever needed. These commercial equipment pieces must typically run at their […]

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Buying a Refurbished Refrigeration Unit?

23 August 2021

Many businesses that are part of the foodservice industry must have all the necessary tools and machines to keep their operations afloat. And most of the time, they would obtain the ones that deal with the storage and cooling of their wide variety of products. To date, businesses can choose from different types of cold storage solutions. But one prominent cold storage solution that foodservice businesses typically utilise is a refrigeration unit. Buying a new refrigeration unit may be the norm for most businesses. However, some business owners may lack sufficient resources to buy a new one. Others may also […]

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3 Common Commercial Freezer Breakdowns and Quick Solutions for Easy Problems

06 August 2021

Restaurants, diners, and other similar places typically rely on and maximise tons of storage solutions for storing and preserving food products. With storage solutions, these establishments can ensure that their food products will stay fresh and free from harmful germs and bacteria. One of the storage solutions that the food service industry often utilises is commercial freezers. Commercial freezers are designed to freeze, display, or store food products at temperatures below 0°C. Keeping the food products at the mentioned temperatures can substantially preserve their quality, prolong their shelf life, and prevent fast spoilage. But with the daily functions of the […]

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4 Common Tips in Storing Food Products inside Your Coolroom Properly

26 July 2021

Coolrooms generally help business owners sustain their operations by ensuring the freshness of their food products. Through their effective cooling and storage solutions, these coolrooms can make sure that the growth of spoilage microorganisms is stopped. They likewise guarantee minimal changes to the products’ nutritional value, flavour, texture, and even colour. But before coolrooms can provide these benefits, food establishment employees must know how to store the food products properly. You see, even if the coolrooms operate and function optimally, they still cannot provide efficient cooling and storage to food products if the latter is not stored properly. To help […]

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Primary Parts of a Commercial Refrigerator that Require Regular Maintenance

08 July 2021

Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that offer or sell meals to customers have to maximise cold storage solutions for their raw food items. Through these cold storage solutions, the raw food items will not get spoiled easily. The nutrients that these products have are likewise preserved effectively. One cold storage solution that these establishments often has is the commercial refrigerator. When compared to a residential refrigerator, the commercial one tends to have more shelves and compartments. A commercial refrigerator likewise has more cooling power, allowing more raw food products to be cooled and preserved. This type of refrigerator, however, is […]

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