Commercial Freezer and Commercial Cool Room Installers in Melbourne: Why P&R Does it Best?

31 July 2020

Commercial facilities that require proper storage for food and other related products typically turn to freezers and cool rooms. Obtaining these two storage options can significantly help in preserving the quality of products since their cooling process effectively slows down any elements of deterioration. The installation of freezers and cool rooms can be done by any commercial establishment alone. However, acquiring the services of professional installers can make things easier. Any mishaps or accidents can be prevented since they are knowledgeable and experienced enough to configure and setup everything. One professional installer in Melbourne that you can hire for your […]

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Commercial Refrigeration: What Restaurant Owners Need to Know Before Buying

14 July 2020

Refrigeration systems and solutions available for commercial facilities can vary depending on their main purposes. Restaurants and other related businesses typically install and use different refrigeration units for different types of products. Some of their units are intended for refrigerating fruits and vegetables, while others are dedicated for storing drinks and beverages. Raw meat products are also kept in a separate refrigeration unit to sustain their quality and freshness. If you are looking for refrigeration units for your restaurant, then you should know first some key factors and elements of commercial refrigeration systems. These things will help you decide which […]

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Top Causes of Coolroom Malfunction and When to Call for Help

30 June 2020

Business owners who run restaurants and groceries normally store a huge number of food products to make their daily operations sustainable, lucrative, and profitable. Some of them would purchase huge refrigeration units to supply the needed storage capabilities. Others, on the other hand, would utilise and much prefer coolrooms because of their long-term uses and benefits. One benefit of coolrooms is that they can maintain a constant temperature for storing food products. They can also stock items as long as possible without worrying about incidents of spoilage. Health and safety are also prioritised and maximised by coolrooms since they can […]

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Commercial Refrigeration Installation: Why Safety and Health Requirements Must Be Followed

15 June 2020

Commercial refrigeration units play significant roles in several businesses. They ensure the safety of food products and other items that need to be refrigerated for extended periods. These units also help in keeping the health of their clients or customers unharmed since all food items are maintained without spoilage. Reach-in refrigerators, prep tables, under-counter refrigerators, glass chillers, and walk-in freezers are only a few examples of commercial refrigeration units. These units mostly vary in size and shape. They are also comprised of different components and elements, which makes them distinct from residential refrigeration units. For this reason alone, some types […]

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Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know When Buying Refurbished Commercial Freezers

29 May 2020

One key appliance that must be always present in food and hospitality businesses is a commercial freezer. Purchasing a new commercial freezer can be expensive, especially if it has certain features that make it stand out. Fortunately, the option of buying refurbished appliances is now available for business owners. With proper maintenance, purchasing a refurbished commercial freezer can perform similarly to a new one and can also last for a long time. If this is your first time buying a refurbished commercial freezer, then you should know the following things first. The True Definition of Refurbished Commercial Freezers Refurbished commercial […]

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