Overcome Coolroom Emergency Breakdowns by Hiring a Mobile Coolroom

02 December 2021

A coolroom is intended to store food products, pharmaceutical items, and other temperature-sensitive things that are often found in commercial kitchens, warehouses, and other places. This specific storage solution has a refrigerated space that allows businesses to preserve their products for a long time.

Although coolrooms are constructed out of durable components, they can still fail unexpectedly. Some coolrooms may not be powered on anymore, while others may suddenly stop providing cold temperatures. Other issues that coolrooms may abruptly demonstrate include the introduction of water to products, over-freezing items, and allowing the products to rot or get damaged.

Emergency breakdowns and failures of coolroomsoften require hours or even days of repairs and maintenance. Fortunately, hiring a mobile coolroom is an option that is available today.

Primary Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Coolroom

There are tons of benefits that business owners like you can get from hiring a mobile coolroom. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Assured Mobility – A mobile coolroom, as its name implies, is mobile, which makes it convenient for you or professionals to transport, install, and use it. Through a van or any other vehicle, it can be easily installed onto the intended location without worrying about its performance. The assured mobility of a mobile coolroom can significantly help you overcome coolroom emergency breakdowns.
  • Similar Performance – Another advantage of hiring a mobile coolroom is that it can work similarly to the walk-in ones. A mobile coolroom has components that can help it cool and store different types of products and items. It can easily substitute your default coolroom while it is being repaired or serviced and help continue your business operations.
  • Cost-Effective–One more advantage of hiring a mobile coolroom during coolroom emergency breakdowns is that it is cost-effective. While repairs and maintenance for your walk-in coolroom are necessary, your operations must not be halted just to give way to their servicing. Instead of losing revenues, opting for a mobile coolroom can somehow retain your operations.

Elements to Consider when Hiring a Coolroom

When hiring a mobile coolroom, there are a couple of elements that you should consider.

For one, you must ensure that the mobile coolroom has adequate temperature control. Depending on the place of its installation, you must go for a mobile coolroom that can withstand the surrounding temperature. It must also boast a cooling temperature that fits well with your products.

Another element to consider when hiring a mobile coolroom is your usage requirements. Your mobile coolroom must not only have adequate temperature control, but it must also boast a storage size that can optimally store your products without any issues. Opting for a mobile coolroom that is too small for your products will only force you to opt for another one.

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