Cold Storage Efficiency Tips that Every Business Owner Must Know

24 February 2022

Many business owners, particularly those who are in the retail and food and beverage industries, must ensure that they store their products and offerings optimally. One way to preserve the quality of their products is to invest in high-quality cold storage units.

Cold storage units help preserve the quality of different perishable products since they deter harmful microorganisms from ruining the stored items. Cold storage units can also preserve the products effectively thanks to efficient storage. The products being stored inside these units are not crammed, preventing varying products from ruining and spoiling each other.

If you currently maximise a cold storage unit in preserving your products, you must ensure that it remains functional all the time. Here are some efficiency tips to help your cold storage unit work optimally.

Invest in Quality Door Seals

One way to make your cold storage unit efficient and functional is to invest in quality door seals. The cooling capabilities of your unit depend heavily on various factors. And one of these factors is the door seals. Opting for low-quality door seals will only force your condenser unit to work harder just to replenish the lost refrigerated air. Alternatively, investing in well-crafted door seals ensures that the refrigerated air will remain inside your cold storage unit and circulate continuously.

Clean Your Condenser Unit

Another way to ensure the efficiency of your cold storage unit is to clean your condenser. The condenser of your cold storage unit is designed to transfer heat from the refrigerant to air and/or water. As the heat is transferred, the air can become cooler, making the whole storage unit cold. This specific functionality, however, can be ruined if the said component is not cleaned and maintained optimally. Eliminating any accumulated debris on this component can ensure that it will work efficiently.

Assess the Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are designed to absorb the heat from your cold storage unit. They typically work with condenser coils to complete the whole process of heat exchange, allowing cold air to be produced. Now, if the evaporator coils of your cold storage unit are bombarded with dirty elements, then they might find some difficulties in performing their function. Assessing the condition of your evaporator coils and cleaning them afterwards can ensure that your cold storage unit will remain efficient.

Opt for the Correct Lighting

The lighting inside your cold storage unit does not only affect the illumination of your products, but it can also affect the overall temperature of the storage space. Opting for lights that require a lot of power may only make your utility bills higher. They might even cause an increase in overall cold storage temperature. Going for lights that maximise an average of 120 to 150 watts, alternatively, can make your cold storage unit more efficient and more practical.

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