Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Commercial Refrigerator Ready for the Holidays

01 December 2022

Food businesses have been heavy in buying appliances and equipment that carry out their basic operations. One of the appliances they tend to invest in is a refrigerator.

A commercial refrigerator has been helpful in food businesses as it can store a wide array of foods and drinks at cold temperatures. While being stored optimally inside the said equipment, the bacteria responsible for food spoilage are deterred from spreading, ensuring that the products can maintain their quality even after storing them for a long time. Some businesses that rely on commercial refrigerators are restaurants, bakeshops, and cafes.

If you are running a food business, you must ensure that your commercial refrigerator will be ready as the holidays are approaching very quickly. Here are some things that you can do to maintain your commercial refrigerator.

Carry Out Inspections

One tip that can keep your commercial refrigerator ready for the holidays is to carry out regular inspections. Your cooling solution has been designed to operate continuously without generating any issues, especially if it is being inspected regularly. You see, its components may be durable, but their constant movement can wear some of them off. Checking these components can help you identify if some of them need to be serviced or replaced.

Keep the Unit Clean

Your refrigerator can only operate as intended if you will keep it clean daily. The number of items that will be stored inside your unit during the holidays can increase significantly. So, you may expect some food scraps to accumulate inside the said storage unit. Your refrigerator may even be bombarded with dirt and dust due to the constant opening and closing of the door. Removing these things can ensure its cleanliness. Cleaning its surfaces with a microfibre towel damped in a water-soap solution is highly recommended to keep it functional.

Maintain Good Airflow

Another tip that can make your commercial refrigerator holiday-ready is to maintain good airflow. The cooling components of your refrigerator should not be obstructed by your food items to enable proper airflow. Hence, you must start removing clutter and storage items that may hinder the cold air from circulating. Afterwards, a proper arrangement of food products must be set to ensure that your employees will not block the vital cooling units of your refrigerator.

Ask for Some Help

Many problems with refrigerator units can already be solved by wiping their parts. But if your unit has some serious issues, you do not have any choice but to ask for some professional help. Some cleaning tasks should be not carried out by your employees since they might end up damaging your cold storage solution. So, if your ice machines, fan blades, door seals, and fan motor require some thorough cleaning, you must let professionals do this task. They should also be hired if you require servicing or replacement of parts.

All these tips can make sure that your commercial refrigerator will be free from irreversible damage. They can also keep the said unit ready for the upcoming holidays. If you need some help with your commercial refrigerator, you must contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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