A Quick Guide to Purchasing Commercial Refrigerators for Your Business

11 October 2022

Retail stores, butcher shops, supermarkets, and other establishments must store a wide range of products so they can cater to the needs of their customers. And to do this, these businesses must invest in and pick the right commercial refrigerators.

Commercial refrigerators have been very useful for many businesses as they can store many products in one go. They can also slow down their deterioration thanks to their integrated cooling system. As long as products are stored inside these cooling solutions, businesses can expect them to last longer compared to just leaving them at room temperature.

But not all commercial refrigerators boast similar specifications and characteristics. If you want to purchase the right commercial refrigerators for your beloved business, here are some things that you need to consider thoroughly.

Storage Capacity

One of the things you should consider when purchasing commercial refrigerators for your business is their storage space. The optimal storage space of your commercial refrigerators would mostly depend on the number of items you intend to store during your operations.

One-section refrigerators, for instance, only maximise around 20 to 30 cubic feet of storage. Two-section refrigerators, alternatively, may boast up to 50 cubic feet of storage. Three-section refrigerators, ultimately, may maximise up to 70 cubic feet of storage.

Keep in mind that a cubic foot of storage space can handle around 28 lb. of food. So, with three-section refrigerators, you can expect to store at least 1,960 lb. of foods and drinks.

Installation Area

Another thing you must consider thoroughly is the area where your commercial refrigerators will be installed. Before buying commercial refrigerators, you must first know the dimensions of the areas where they will be installed. Measuring the depth, width, and height of your available space is a must so you can pick some refrigerators that can fit inside your commercial property.

Once you purchased commercial refrigerators, you must make sure that their space will boast proper ventilation. Their intended space should also boast enough distance from the doors. Utilities should likewise be present for proper power installation.

Refrigerator Type

To accommodate the needs of your business, you must choose the types of commercial refrigerators you might want to include in your store.

One type of refrigerator that you can utilise is the reach-in refrigerator. This type of refrigerator allows you to store your items and access them at arm’s length while standing. It is highly recommended for commercial kitchens.

Walk-in refrigerators, alternatively, can store huge quantities of food products on accessible shelving. They also allow the movement of products inside freely. These refrigerators are great for food service providers like retail stores and supermarkets.

Another type of refrigerator that you can maximise is an under counter refrigerator. This type of refrigerator can be either installed under existing countertops or used as a standalone work surface. An under counter refrigerator is best used for storing smaller items, making them perfect for restaurants and other establishments with a restricted or limited floor area.

Once you have chosen the perfect commercial refrigerators for your business, you must now look for installers. If you need help in installing commercial refrigerators inside your establishment, you can contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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