The Significance of Keeping Your Commercial Refrigerator Items Organised

29 June 2022

The majority of the businesses in the foodservice industry rely on commercial refrigerators as they can maintain the quality of their products. Through their low storage temperature, food products are protected from contamination risks. Commercial refrigerators can also store various types of products without any issues. Of course, they can carry out these functions optimally if they will be used smartly.

If your business currently uses a commercial refrigerator, you must ensure that it will be utilised effectively. One great way of utilising your commercial refrigerator effectively and smartly is by organising its items properly. Organising them is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and functions of your place.

Organising Commercial Refrigerator Items is a Must

There are numerous reasons why organising commercial refrigerator items is a must. Some of these reasons are as follows.

  • Retain Overall Quality: Organising the items inside your refrigerator is necessary to retain their overall quality. Your food products cost some money. Even if some of them are cheap, they are still part of your overall business expenses. Storing them effectively inside your refrigerator unit can ensure that they do not go to waste.
  • Avoid Violations: Another reason why you should organise your refrigerator items is to avoid any health code violations. Many food service businesses have been fined or even shut down just because they fail to organise their products effectively. Organising them prevents your business from experiencing these things.
  • Maintain Smooth Operations: Organising the content of your commercial refrigerator can also help your commercial kitchen and other workspaces to operate smoothly. If your products are scattered in various parts of your business, your employees will have a hard time finding their needed items. They may even end up losing some of the products just because of bad organisation and storage.
  • Improve Cleaning and Upkeep: Overall cleaning and maintenance, ultimately, are improved by organising your commercial refrigerator items appropriately. Since your items will be stored properly, your workplaces can all be cleaned and maintained without experiencing any delay.

The Right Way to Organising Refrigerator Products

Organising the items inside your commercial refrigerator can be achieved in multiple ways.

For one, you must store meats on the lowest shelves of your commercial refrigerator. Doing this can help you clean your shelves significantly faster once a spilling incident occurs. It can also prevent cross-contamination. By storing the meats on the higher shelves, some of them may only drip down, contaminating any products below them.

Another way of organising your commercial refrigerator products is to leave a space between them. The cooling properties of your commercial refrigerator will not be effective if your items have become too crowded. Leaving some space can ensure that the cool air can circulate properly.

Other ways to organise your refrigerator products include keeping them off the floor, storing delicate items away from the fans, carrying out the first-in, first-out principle, and labelling the items. To know more about commercial refrigeration, you can contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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