Australian Health and Safety Requirements for Coolrooms

27 November 2020

For food-related businesses to thrive, they must make sure that their food products are preserved and stored properly. One of the few things that they can do to store them is through refrigeration units. Alternatively, coolrooms can also be maximised for food preservation and storage. Coolrooms are special rooms that are designed to store and preserve the quality of food products. Most fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood can all be placed inside the coolrooms to maintain their freshness and quality. Although coolrooms can basically provide the needed storage temperatures and conditions for food products, they must be handled with the […]

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Useful Tips to Help Eliminate Bad Coolroom and Freezer Smell

09 November 2020

Coolrooms and freezers have been around for a very long time, which is why many people can prove that these pieces of equipment can truly emit a bad smell under specific circumstances. A coolroom or freezer may emit a bad smell if certain food products have not been sealed properly. The temperature of their interiors can also cause the release of foul odour. And if some of their components have already been damaged, then bad smell can surely circulate their interiors. Bad smells can easily affect the quality of products that are stored inside the coolroom or freezer. Therefore, you […]

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Benefits of Hiring Mobile Coolrooms and Freezers

23 October 2020

Food businesses and stores that must safely store and preserve the quality of food products would maximise different types of coolrooms and freezers. Even other refrigeration units are installed by these businesses just to keep their operations running. Without these units, it would be difficult for these business owners to maintain the freshness and overall quality of their products. It can even cost them a lot of money since spoiled food products are not allowed to be sold or served anymore. Whenever coolrooms and freezers are installed, business owners must allocate enough space for them. However, if there is simply […]

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Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished Commercial Freezers

13 October 2020

Commercial freezers play a vital role in the success of food and hospitality businesses. These appliances can accommodate and store a huge amount of food products without the risk of spoiling them. They are also sturdier thanks to the materials used in fabricating them, which makes their service life longer. Investing in new commercial freezers can be totally worth it, especially if they are manufactured by known brands and companies. But if you intend to save some money, then purchasing a refurbished but branded commercial freezer can still work for you. After all, many food-related businesses often discard commercial freezers […]

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Commercial Chest Freezer Buying Guide: What are the Most Important Things to Consider?

30 September 2020

Commercial establishments like stores, supermarkets, and restaurants utilise the functions and capabilities of a chest freezer. This type of refrigeration unit typically comes in a box design that can be accessed through a top-opening lid. Commercial chest freezers are recommended in fulfilling extra storage for food products as they can provide around 20% more capacity compared to others. The benefits of commercial chest freezers are simply plentiful. These refrigeration units can offer high capacity storage without experiencing a drop in the interior temperatures. They also usually come in robust and durable designs that are easily paired with long-lasting materials. Chest […]

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