Refurbished Refrigeration Units for Sale: A Practical Choice for Start-up Food Businesses

19 October 2023

Support the success of your start-up food business with refurbished refrigeration units from P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Call us at (03) 9357 0799 today! When opening a new food business, every decision counts. From the menu to the branding, each aspect contributes to generating a unique and memorable customer experience. One crucial factor that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and safety of your food products is refrigeration. As a start-up food business, brand-new refrigeration equipment may be essential. However, it could also cost you a lot of money. This is where refurbished refrigeration units come into play, offering […]

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Customised Case Installation for Commercial Refrigeration

06 October 2023

Optimise your commercial refrigeration with customised case installation by P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Call 03 9357 0799 to attain reliable cooling systems. In commercial refrigeration, a customised case has emerged as a game-changer as it offers a tailored solution that maximises storage capacity, improves energy efficiency, and enhances product display. Installing this solution often caters to the specific needs of businesses requiring commercial refrigeration, providing optimal performance and customer satisfaction in the competitive commercial refrigeration industry. Tons of advantages can be obtained through customised case installation. Some of these advantages are as follows. Optimised Storage Capacity Customised case installation allows businesses […]

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance: Best Practices and Strategies

20 September 2023

Discover best practices for commercial refrigeration maintenance with P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Keep your business efficient. Call us at (03) 9357 0799. Commercial refrigeration maintenance aims to achieve optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of commercial refrigeration equipment. It is conducted through a combination of preventive and corrective tasks. Preventive maintenance focuses on identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into major problems, while corrective maintenance involves repairing or resolving existing breakdowns or malfunctions. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of commercial refrigeration systems, they should be subjected to preventive maintenance. Here are some best practices and strategies for commercial […]

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The Mobile Freezer Advantage: Quick Response to Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Breakdowns

05 September 2023

Provide temporary cold storage for your perishable goods with mobile freezers from P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Know the advantages of using these units. In the fast-paced world of commercial refrigeration, breakdowns can lead to disastrous consequences for businesses involved in the food industry. The loss of perishable goods due to refrigeration failures can result in financial losses and reputational damage. Fortunately, the rise of mobile freezers and their constant improvements have helped businesses avoid these risks. Major Design and Operations of Mobile Freezers Mobile freezers, as mentioned earlier, are portable refrigeration systems made by various commercial refrigeration manufacturers. They boast freezer […]

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Expert Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance: Prolonging Service Life

25 August 2023

P&R Commercial Refrigeration extends equipment life through expert maintenance. Reliable solutions for prolonged service and performance. Call (03) 9357 0799. In restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service establishments, commercial refrigeration systems are vital to preserving the freshness and quality of their food. They operate tirelessly to keep perishable items at the right temperature, ensuring food safety and minimising waste. If you are currently managing a food service establishment, you must subject your commercial refrigeration systems to various maintenance activities. Some activities or tasks that must be done in maintaining your commercial refrigeration systems are as follows. Regular Cleaning of […]

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