Advantages of Installing Refrigerated Display Cases for Your Food Business

11 September 2020

Most food businesses like restaurants, bakeries, and even supermarkets have numerous refrigerated shelving so that they can maintain the freshness of their food products. Sometimes, they also utilise these shelves in storing equipment and tools that may be useful for their daily kitchen operations. A wide variety of refrigeration units and shelves are available for food businesses. However, one storage option that these businesses can benefit the most would be refrigerated display cases. This type of refrigeration unit is designed to expose and keep certain food products at a low temperature. Cold dishes, beverages, and desserts are often stored on […]

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Causes of Dripping in Commercial Freezers

28 August 2020

For businesses, commercial freezers are very helpful in maintaining the quality and freshness of food products since they offer a cold or freezing temperature for the preservation of food. Additionally, commercial freezers offer more functionalities and features than the regular ones, making them a much valuable investment at any given time. Commercial freezers are typically created out of durable and long-lasting components. However, there will be instances where these freezers suddenly become faulty or damaged due to various reasons. One problem that may occur with freezers is when they do not provide the optimal freezing temperatures. Another problem that may […]

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What You Need to Know About Different Commercial Food Display Cases

14 August 2020

Owners or managers of restaurants, bakeries, and other food-related establishments often find creative ways just to entice customers with their offerings. Some of them would install high-definition screens just to showcase and advertise the way they prepare their food. Others, on the other hand, would simply display their best food products through commercial food display cases. Commercial food display cases have been always used by the hospitality industry for many years. Undoubtedly, these food display cases have helped tons of businesses improve their earnings and attract a lot of customers. Aside from providing the true condition of food items, these […]

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Commercial Freezer and Commercial Cool Room Installers in Melbourne: Why P&R Does it Best?

31 July 2020

Commercial facilities that require proper storage for food and other related products typically turn to freezers and cool rooms. Obtaining these two storage options can significantly help in preserving the quality of products since their cooling process effectively slows down any elements of deterioration. The installation of freezers and cool rooms can be done by any commercial establishment alone. However, acquiring the services of professional installers can make things easier. Any mishaps or accidents can be prevented since they are knowledgeable and experienced enough to configure and setup everything. One professional installer in Melbourne that you can hire for your […]

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Commercial Refrigeration: What Restaurant Owners Need to Know Before Buying

14 July 2020

Refrigeration systems and solutions available for commercial facilities can vary depending on their main purposes. Restaurants and other related businesses typically install and use different refrigeration units for different types of products. Some of their units are intended for refrigerating fruits and vegetables, while others are dedicated for storing drinks and beverages. Raw meat products are also kept in a separate refrigeration unit to sustain their quality and freshness. If you are looking for refrigeration units for your restaurant, then you should know first some key factors and elements of commercial refrigeration systems. These things will help you decide which […]

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