Book Test and Tag Services for Your Fridges to Keep Your Business Up and Running

10 January 2023

Fridges and other pieces of cold storage equipment should always run optimally to effectively store a wide array of products. Most businesses in the food service industry take advantage of these things as they can maintain the optimal shelf life of various foods and drinks. They also protect them from getting damaged due to exposure to heat and harmful microbes.

To ensure that they are still running properly, business owners like you should inspect and maintain them regularly. Doing these things to fridges and other cold storage solutions ensures that their system components are still running well. Inspections and assessments can likewise confirm whether they need to be serviced or replaced.

As for maintenance, they should always be cleaned to prevent the build-up of moisture, mould, and other elements that can affect the quality of the stored items. Testing and tagging your fridges can also be done as part of their regular maintenance.

The Process of Testing and Tagging

Testing and tagging is the process of confirming the safety of electrical appliances, including fridges and other cold storage devices. The first part of this process involves the visual assessment of the appliances for any damage or defect. The involved appliances will then be tested electrically with a Portable Appliance Tester.

Once the testing is done, the tagging will take place. It is carried out by placing a tag on the appliances that have been tested. This tag showcases the name of the Competent Person who has tested the appliance, the test date, and the next testing date.

The testing and tagging process here in Australia follows the guidelines and regulations set by the AS/NZS 3760:2022. This Australian Standard enumerates recommendations for issues like test and tag intervals, the qualifications of a Competent Person, and other general guidelines.

Test and Tag Should Be Prioritised

If you are currently managing a business that utilises fridges and other cold storage solutions, you should regularly subject them to testing and tagging. Test and tag services must be prioritised due to the following reasons.

• Ensure Safety: One reason your fridges should be tested and tagged accordingly is to ensure the safety of your property. Problems with fridges and other appliances can halt your business operations entirely, which can affect the flow of your revenue. But to make things worse, faulty fridges may result in a property fire or electrocuted employees or even customers, which are major safety risks that can be alleviated by testing and tagging.

• Save Resources: Testing and tagging your fridges should also be prioritised as it can save you some resources. Your food products require constant cold temperatures to keep them fresh and cold. But with faulty fridges, they might damage and get spoiled, which can lead to costly waste. Faulty fridges may likewise lead to high energy consumption as their parts might already have some defects. Testing and tagging can avoid a significant increase in spending by assessing the general condition of your fridges.

• Comply with Standards: One more reason you should test and tag your fridges is to comply with standards. Your business can operate without obtaining some violations if you will be keeping your fridges and other appliances safe. And one thing that can help you keep them safe is to have them tested and tagged regularly.

If you need to test and tag your fridges, you must contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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