The Essence of Testing and Tagging Your Refrigeration Units

08 September 2022

Electrical appliances, as their name implies, can only operate once they are connected to a stable electrical system. And since businesses must keep their operations stable, they should invest in appliances that can meet their demands and accommodate their needs.

These appliances, however, may then negatively affect their operations once they develop some issues and problems. As they operate, their components may start to wear down until they no longer carry out their intended functions. Worse, their electrical components may have already deteriorated, posing some safety risks to the building and its occupants.

One appliance that businesses have to maximise is refrigeration units. These units, which are truly helpful for industries related to food and perishable items, can store products at a very low temperature to preserve their quality. Now, to ensure that they will not compromise the operations of restaurants, retail stores, and others, they must be tested and tagged regularly.

An Overview of Test and Tag

Test and tag is the process of determining the safety of electrical appliances. The first part of this process involves the visual inspection of the appliances to know if they have some damage. This inspection is then followed by the testing of their electrical components through a device such as a Portable Appliance Tester.

This device can check electrical appliances for faults in various working environments. Upon checking, it can then provide a pass or fail for the appliances being tested right away, helping the inspector know if they can be safe to use or not.

A tag will then be placed on the appliances to confirm that they have been tested. It will also show the name of the person who tested them, the test date, and the next test date.

Testing and Tagging are Vital

One of the reasons why testing and tagging should be done is to make sure that the people in a workplace will remain safe while using various electrical appliances. Testing and tagging can also minimise the risk of electrical hazards that can cause damage to the electrical appliances.

All the processes related to the test and tag process must adhere to the Australian safety standards. Hence, business owners should hire the best people they could find. Aside from electricians, those who undertook a test and tag course can also carry out the test and tag process since they are already taught how to use a Portable Appliance Tester properly.

Procedures of Test and Tag

Multiple tests may be conducted during the test and tag services. These tests include insulation, earth circuit, functionality, run/leakage, and polarity wire tests. Visual and physical inspections, as mentioned before, are also conducted to verify if the appliances have already sustained some damage. If you currently maximise refrigeration units for your business, opting for test and tag services can help you know if these appliances are still safe or not. Testing and tagging them can also keep your employees safe from potential dangers and injuries.

The guidelines and regulations for the test and tag services are provided by the AS/NZS 3760. To find out more about these services, you can call us at (03) 9357 0799.

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