An Overview of Deli Cases and How to Choose One

07 March 2023

Proper food storage is essential to food service businesses as it can retain the qualities of ingredients they typically use when preparing and serving food to customers. This aspect likewise makes sure that their ready-to-eat foods and drinks can remain edible for a certain amount of time. Once proper food storage is secured, owners or managers of these businesses can expect their operations to thrive and become successful in the long run.

Many equipment pieces can be maximised by business owners like you to ensure proper storage of food. One of these things is a deli case.

The Working Principles of a Deli Case

Customers visiting your restaurant or coffee shop will often look for your menu first. They may likewise locate any display cases on your business so they can have a glimpse of the meals you can offer to them. Display cases are often used by food service businesses to showcase meals, drinks, and other offerings that they can offer to customers. These food storage solutions often boast one or more transparent tempered glass surfaces, letting customers see the products without risking any damage due to people leaning toward the glass.

If you want to showcase food products while exposing them to cold temperatures, you may want to invest in a deli case. A deli case is a refrigerated display case that boasts numerous shelves. It can maintain temperatures of around 4 degrees Celsius, making this display case a perfect storage solution for pasta salads, wraps, sandwiches, bottled drinks, and grab-and-go snacks. A deli case can even be used to keep meats, cheeses, and other deli items.

Picking a Deli Case for Your Business

There are many elements you must consider when picking and choosing a deli case for your beloved food service business. These elements include the following.

  • Size: A deli case that does not fit your space may only end up being sold at a slightly lower price. To avoid this mistake, you must first check the available size of your place and find a deli case with dimensions that can be installed in the free space.
  • Temperature: Another element you must consider in choosing a deli case is its temperature. Your offerings may be different from others. Hence, you should check the storage requirements of your foods and drinks and find a deli case that can provide the temperatures your offerings require.
  • Humidity: Humidity is also an element that you must consider in picking a deli case. Some food items may not remain fresh when exposed to humid environments. And so, you must find a deli case that would allow you to adjust its humidity levels. You can ask for some advice from your dealer about the best deli case option for your offerings.
  • Shelving: Your customers will often pass by your deli case to see any of your offerings. Now, without proper shelving, they might get confused as your foods and drinks are scattered all over the deli case. Shelves, therefore, should be present on your deli case to effectively group your offerings for the customers to appreciate. Proper shelving is also necessary so that your employees can load and unload items conveniently.
  • Lighting: A deli case should be illuminated optimally so it can showcase your offerings without any issues. Adequate lighting is essential so that customers can spot how clean your items are. It is also needed so your employees can conveniently check the condition of the foods and drinks being stored in this display case.

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