Refrigerated Meat, Deli, and Fish Cases: What are the Differences?

15 February 2021

Establishments that sell food often utilise refrigeration units so they can store and preserve their food products. One type of refrigeration units that they normally maximise is a refrigerated display case. Refrigerated display cases have display glasses that enable store personnel and customers to see the condition of the products while they are being stored in cold temperatures. Some of these display cases may have a curved glass, which is known to be expensive. Others, alternatively, only use straight glass.

Almost all refrigerated display cases share the same core functions and appearance, but they actually differ according to the type of products that they store and preserve. You see, different food products entail varying storing and cooling requirements. Therefore, food businesses must know their differences so they can acquire the right type of refrigerated display cases for their whole operations.

Three known refrigerated display cases that are available in the market right now are refrigerated meat display cases, refrigerated deli display cases, and refrigerated fish display cases.

Refrigerated Meat Display Cases

Refrigerated meat display cases are intended to refrigerated products that require humidity and low velocity, which is why they have two pressure coils that can help them control and regulate the temperature of the entire refrigeration units. These pressure coils can be found at the top and bottom of the unit, helping them maximise the cooling functions of the refrigerated meat display case.

What is great about this refrigerated display case is that it has its own end. This specific feature allows the display case to be placed up for display objects without compromising their cooling functions.

Refrigerated Deli Display Cases

Refrigerated deli display cases, alternatively, are used for storing and displaying sliced meats, cheese, salads, and prepared sandwiches. What makes these units different from refrigerated meat display cases is that they blow air directly to the products.

All items that are stored on refrigerated deli display cases can be easily accessed through their back end. They also maximise another set of doors underneath for refrigerated storage. The presence of double-duty glass doors on these units makes their storage more convenient.

Refrigerated Fish Display Cases

Refrigerated fish display cases boast features that consider the delicate nature of fishes. They are designed to present different types of fish to customers while keeping them fresh and intact. They utilise a primary deck that can provide an open area for the display of fish and seafood. This specific area can maintain the storage temperature for a long time since its parts are typically made from stainless steel.

These refrigerated units can also be used for displaying poultry products.

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