When to Repair or Buy a New Commercial Refrigeration System?

28 February 2020

If you own and run a store or restaurant, you would certainly agree that a refrigeration system is vital to your daily operations. Without good refrigeration, your food products will easily spoil. Moreover, your food will not have a place to go to, especially when talking about storage options. This fact makes business owners invest in an effective commercial refrigeration system.

A commercial refrigeration system helps deal with storing, chilling, and freezing food products. This system is important since there will be times where the outside temperature will get very high, which can cause a faster spoilage rate on food.

With proper maintenance, a refrigeration system can last for a very long time. However, some of the components on this system may act up strangely. In case you don’t know if it is the right time to repair or buy a new commercial refrigeration system, then check the following factors to help you decide.

Assess the Condenser

One of the components that make the whole refrigeration system work is the condenser. A condenser is a unit that is responsible for the condensation of the gaseous substance into a liquid state through cooling. This unit gets rid of the heat extracted from the system and transfer it to the outside air.

Since this part is important, you must clean this component regularly. You can check if your condenser coils are dirty. If they are dirty, then simply clean them to make them fully work. However, if your condenser fan has a major issue, then you might want to repair it. Repairs must be also made if there is a major clog in the system. A purchase of a new system will only take place if the price between repairs and buying a new one is extremely close to each other.

Check the Seals

The sealing of the commercial refrigeration system is important in containing the inside temperature. Without the seals, this system will continuously operate until it can no longer sustain and cancel out the outside temperature.

You will know if the seal is malfunctioning if you can still feel the cold air around a closed refrigeration unit. This situation doesn’t normally happen if the seals are still effective. As a remedy, you must change and replace the door seals to contain the cold air. You can also adjust the fridge door as it may have been misaligned from using the system continuously. If there is water accumulating under or inside your refrigeration unit, then you don’t have to worry about anything. A serious issue only arises if the water is rushing out of your refrigeration system.

Look out for Excess

A system will ultimately fail if it operates beyond the recommended energy level. This same system will also fail if releases extra elements. One of the elements that must not be released tremendously by a commercial refrigeration system is heat. If there is excess heat near the components of your system, then you should have them checked and repaired.

Another element that you should watch out for is energy consumption. A huge amount of energy consumption will certainly cost you a lot of money. So, if your unit consumes an unreasonable amount of energy, it may either have a defective component or it is just part of the old models that are released without any energy-saving features. If your component is too old to operate, then you may have to replace them so that you can save a lot of energy and money in the long run.

Knowing when to repair or buy a commercial refrigeration system will help decide effectively and efficiently. To know more about how a commercial refrigeration system works, you can contact us now at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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