When to Call for a Professional Refrigerator Repair?

12 March 2021

One of the major work centres in any type of kitchen is the refrigerator.

What makes refrigerators recommended for all kitchens is that they can slow down the growth of bacteria in most food products. If these products have a lot of moisture and obtain favourable high temperatures, then they can easily allow bacteria to grow rapidly. Alternatively, keeping them cold and refrigerated can slow down bacterial growth and at the same time prevent them from causing illness.

Given the importance of a refrigerator, kitchen owners like you should ensure that it will be kept maintained and operational all the time. However, if your refrigerator possesses the following issues, then you must call for a professional refrigerator repair right away.

Stops Functioning

A functional refrigerator must be able to provide a cold temperature to food products. However, if it suddenly stops working, then it might have some problems with its wiring. Once you have spotted that the refrigerator is still plugged in properly, the next thing that you should do is to carefully pull the appliance away from the wall and conduct a visual inspection of its cord. A cord that is already frayed or damaged requires immediate assistance from a professional service as it can cause shocks and injuries.

Generates Noises

Refrigerators truly generate normal noises that come on and go off regularly whenever they operate. But if the sound coming from your refrigerator becomes high-pitched, then it might mean that your appliance has some fan problems. Alternatively, a refrigerator that makes a banging sound, then there is a possibility that the refrigerator has some serious compressor issues. Upon hearing these weird noises, you must contact a professional refrigerator service right away.

Spoils the Food

Even if your refrigerator works, it can still pose some problems and spoil your food products. This problem can happen if the dial of your refrigerator is not set properly. Additionally, it can happen if its evaporator coils have been frosted over. Remedying these issues can be quick and simple. Nevertheless, if your food products keep on spoiling, then a professional refrigerator service must be contacted so they could assess and conduct the best type of repair.

Freezes the Food

Another issue that may be generated by a faulty refrigerator is the freezing of food. While a refrigerator can truly control the growth of bacteria in food products, freezing them drastically is truly not recommended for them. Same with spoiling the food, the presence of frozen food items and drinks might be due to the improper set-up of the dial. Alternatively, calling for a professional refrigerator service can swiftly identify the cause of this issue and solve it immediately.

Produces Leaks

The presence of water on the inside of the refrigerator or the floor around typically means that the appliance has some issues with its components. The defrost drain of your refrigerator may have already been clogged, requiring it to be cleaned right away. Faulty door seals can likewise cause leaks and puddles on the floor, so replacing them can be great to avoid these issues. These solutions, however, must be conducted by a professional to avoid damaging your appliance.

If you need help in troubleshooting your refrigerator, feel free to call us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.


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