What Should You Do if Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer are too Cold?

14 September 2021

Businesses that serve or offer food products to customers normally maximise commercial refrigerators and freezers for proper food storage. With these commercial equipment pieces, they can ensure that their offerings will stay fresh and free from any contamination for a long time.

Both commercial refrigerators and freezers can cool products to certain temperatures. Their cooling capabilities prevent bacteria from infiltrating various food products and spreading across them. These functionalities likewise delay the deterioration and decomposition of most food products, making sure that they can still be used or sold whenever needed.

These commercial equipment pieces must typically run at their recommended temperatures. Once they get too cold, the stored food products may excessively freeze, affecting their overall quality. If your commercial refrigerator and freezer are too cold, then here are some things that you need to do.

Replace the Control Board

The control board of your commercial refrigerator and freezer is responsible for the regulation of their operations. It has switches, wires, and other components that are essential in controlling their processes. If your commercial refrigerator and freezer get too cold even though they are set to the advised temperatures, then their control board may have some damages. Faulty or damaged control boards cannot adjust the operations of the compressor, fans, and other cooling components optimally since some of their parts may have already been burnt. Some may even manifest electrical arcing. For your commercial equipment pieces to get back to normal, you must replace their control board right away.

Change the Temperature Control

The temperature control of a refrigerator or freezer is a switch that is sensitive to temperature changes. It determines the amount of electricity needed by the fans and the compressor. Once these components fail to work appropriately, then the temperature control of the refrigerator or freezer may need to be repaired or replaced. You must first, however, test your temperature control through unplugging the refrigerator or freezer, checking the bulb, sensor wire, wire terminals for any damages, setting the knob to its midpoint, and turning them on. If the refrigerator or freezer still has extremely low temperatures, then you may need to repair or replace the temperature control.

Install New Air Inlet Damper

The air inlet damper of your refrigerator or freezer is intended to balance the airflow from the evaporative fans. This specific component may be easily recognised by its close resemblance to louvred blinds. A fully functional air inlet damper can be opened and closed conveniently. A faulty air inlet damper, alternatively, will only let too much air into the refrigerator or freezer. Once this specific component is damaged, it is recommended for you to replace it with a new one. When replacing the air inlet damper, you must make sure that the foam seal will not get damaged. After installing the new air inlet damper, you must ensure that the automatic temperature-sensing bulb is positioned properly.

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