What are Some Key Considerations for Coolroom Installation?

14 January 2021

Food storage is crucial to businesses that sell raw food products to customers. It is also significant to those that prepare and cook meals as part of their services. And for these businesses to thrive, they must acquire a specific type of storage solution just to maintain their operations.

One storage solution that can be very helpful for food-related businesses is coolroom. Coolrooms are designed to stay at a low temperature just to prevent food products from spoiling. They can likewise the freshness of food products for a reasonable amount of time. With proper setup and maintenance, these coolrooms can prevent heat and other exterior elements from affecting their cooling functions. Storing products with coolrooms is also easier thanks to their organised and flexible layout.

When it comes to coolroom installation, there are numerous elements that you must consider thoroughly. Some of the key considerations in choosing and installing a coolroom are as follows.

Primary Purpose

One of the most important consideration when buying and installing coolrooms is their intended purpose. While coolrooms can generally store food products and items, others must be modified just to fit in specific products. If a business wants to store a limited number of products, then it can already settle with a smaller coolroom. Alternatively, a business that must store many products all the time may want to invest in coolrooms that have larger dimensions and cooling capabilities.


Once you have determined the main purpose of investing a cooling solution, the next thing to consider when buying a coolroom is to know its appropriate specifications and dimensions. You must match the number of products that you will be storing to the size of your coolroom. Even the size of its compartments must be identified to avoid wasting space or prevent space shortage. The specification of your cooling components must be likewise determined to make your coolroom functional all the time.

Intended Location

Your coolroom location can significantly affect the overall function of the business. If your coolroom is located near the loading bays, then it would be easier for you to load food products. Alternatively, if your coolroom is far from the loading area, then your employees might find it difficult to store food products. It may even cost you some time, and that the risk of food products getting destroyed would be much higher.

Available Space

A coolroom that can meet your intended purpose and needed specification can truly work effectively during business operations. However, if your facility or establishment does not have enough space for its installation, then you may want to opt for a much smaller coolroom. One thing that a lot of business owners tend to forget is the amount of space available for the coolroom installation. Without calculating this specific space beforehand, it might just cost you a lot of money.

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