Ways on How to Increase Efficiency in Coolrooms

26 May 2021

Fresh food products and other related items that are intended to be sold, prepared, or served must all be stored appropriately. The purpose of their proper storage is to ensure that their quality will be preserved. Additionally, storing them prevents harmful elements from spoiling them and causing harm to consumers.

Given the importance of proper food storage, businesses that offer or serve food products utilise coolrooms and other storage solutions. Through coolrooms, the adequate storage temperature of the food products will be maintained. These storage solutions can likewise provide employees easy access to these items. Even the transfer of food products will be much faster with the presence of coolrooms.

Coolrooms by themselves can already regulate the temperatures of their interiors. However, some things can still be done to effectively increase their efficiency. Some of these things are the following:

Maintain Appropriate Airflow

The way air is distributed and circulated inside a coolroom can significantly affect their performance. If the cool air cannot circulate properly, then the performance of the coolroom can be drastically affected. To maintain proper airflow, the products that will be stored inside the coolroom must have adequate spaces between them. The products must also be stored away from the wall so that the air can still flow around the coolroom effectively. Storing them against the wall, after all, will only allow the heat from the wall to infiltrate the products. Lights and other fittings must likewise not block the fan outlets for proper airflow.

Manage the Lights Quantity

Another great way of increasing coolroom efficiency is to manage the lighting inside the storage solution. Lights have been very useful in illuminating the products and ensuring that they still have good quality. However, too many lights inside the coolroom will only generate a lot of heat, negating the airflow of the said storage solution. Replacing the traditional lights with modern LED lamps can help decrease the heat output and energy consumption. Aside from installing modern lighting, one can also pair the lights with an automated movement sensor so that they can automatically turn off once there are no one around.

Practice Proper Door Usage

The opening and closing of the door can significantly affect the performance of the coolrooms, especially if it is left open for a very long time. As the heat enters the coolroom, the food products can easily be spoiled and get damaged, wasting a lot of time, money, and energy. To ensure that the coolroom efficiency can be improved, employees must be taught about proper door usage and management. They must be instructed to close the door right away upon entering or leaving the coolroom. Coolroom efficiency can also be maintained if the door curtains and door seals are checked and maintained.

System controls, temperature, and energy usage must also be managed and monitored to ensure that the coolrooms are still running properly. To gain more knowledge about these things, do not hesitate to call us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration. We cater for a full range of services from 24/7 breakdowns, refurbished refrigeration equipment to installs, commissioning & troubleshooting, to ongoing maintenance.


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