Useful Tips to Help Eliminate Bad Coolroom and Freezer Smell

09 November 2020

Coolrooms and freezers have been around for a very long time, which is why many people can prove that these pieces of equipment can truly emit a bad smell under specific circumstances. A coolroom or freezer may emit a bad smell if certain food products have not been sealed properly. The temperature of their interiors can also cause the release of foul odour. And if some of their components have already been damaged, then bad smell can surely circulate their interiors.

Bad smells can easily affect the quality of products that are stored inside the coolroom or freezer. Therefore, you must make sure that this specific smell will be removed and eliminated immediately. To help you eliminate bad coolroom and freezer smell, here are some useful tips that you can do and follow.

Coat with Newspapers

One great tip in eliminating bad coolroom and freezer smell is to coat their interiors with newspapers for a week. If you have clean, old newspapers, then you can use them as a remedy for your smelly coolroom or freezer. Newspapers are effective in getting rid of the smell and even dirt as they can easily absorb them. To use them, you must crumple and place the newspapers on the interior surface of the coolroom or freezer. You must change the newspapers every day for one week before cleaning them again.

Maximise Baking Soda

Another handy tip that you can do for your smelly coolroom or freezer is to use baking soda. Baking soda can effectively remove bad smells due to its strong absorbing power. When using baking soda, you must remove all products from the coolroom or freezer. Afterward, you must defrost, turn them off, and prepare the baking soda solution, which is comprised of one litre of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Next, you must use a cloth soaked in this solution in wiping the inner surfaces of the coolroom or freezer. You can also leave the solution inside overnight before turning them on again.

Put Some Coffee Beans

Coffee might energise some people in the morning, but it can likewise help coolrooms and freezers eliminate their bad odour. Stinky smells that may have come from spoiled foods or rotten meat may linger for a long time around coolrooms and freezers. If you have coffee beans or coffee grounds, then you can use them in clearing these odours. To utilise these coffee products, you must put them in small containers and place them inside the coolroom or freezer for one night for optimal results.

Use Lemon or Vinegar

Both lemon and vinegar are products that can absorb bad smells from coolrooms or freezers. These products can be effective in eliminating seafood smell, which may last for a long time if they will be left unresolved. You can mix the juice of a lemon with a litre of water, creating a solution that can get rid of the smell. Once the solution is done, you can now soak the sponge over the solution and use it in wiping the interiors of the coolroom and freezer. Doing this will not only remove the odour, but it can also disinfect the whole interiors.

These solutions are recommended if cleaning the coolroom or freezer deeply cannot eliminate the stinky smell. For more information about these tips, just give us a call at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.


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