Understanding Common Freezer Problems: When to Call for Help

12 May 2020

The operations of freezers today are now enhanced by different technological development. Freezers operate at peak efficiency without compromising anything. They also offer advanced settings to help homeowners preserve the condition of foods and other items. However, these appliances still need to be maintained regularly to avoid encountering critical issues. Without necessary maintenance, you will most likely end up having a faulty freezer and spoiled food.

Any cleaning, repairs, and replacements must be done on freezers that manifest some crucial problems. Skipping maintenance works will cause further problems and issues on your freezer, which can limit your storage capabilities and supply of ice in the long run. Fortunately, some companies offer great maintenance works and repairs on freezers and other similar appliances. To help you out, here are some common freezer problems that may need help from professionals.

Nonoperational Freezer

One clear sign that your freezer needs repairs are when it does not run and operate anymore, even if it is plugged on a functional electrical outlet. The main cause behind a nonoperational freezer may vary depending on the condition of its internal components. Components like electronic control board, cold control thermostat, defrost timer, or compressor may have already been worn out due to a long time of use and sporadic maintenance.

Excessive Frosting

Frost in freezers is normal. Frost is a result of warm, moist air that is trapped in the unit whenever you open and close its door. However, excessive frost within your freezer means that your freezer door or lid gasket has been damaged. A faulty door or lid gasket lets warm air in the freezer even if it is closed. Other faulty components that may cause excessive frost are defrost sensor, heating element, and defrost timer. These components need to be repaired or replaced by professionals.

Ice Sheets on the Bottom

The defrost drain tube of your freezer is responsible for transferring water to the drip pan near the compressor. If it is clogged, then the water will accumulate at the bottom part of your unit and freeze. These ice sheets formation on the bottom part of your freezer can be a bad thing. To solve this, you must gently pour some hot water down the defrost tube. However, if you still find some ice sheets in your freezer, then you need to contact some repair professionals.

Noisy Freezer

Freezers nowadays make minimal noise even if they are working at their maximum capacity. So, if your unit makes excessive noise while operating, then your internal components may have some problems. Excessive frost on your evaporator can interfere with the freezer’s rotating fan, which causes loud noises while cycling. Some components that you must check for excessive frost are defrost heater, defrost timer, or defrost sensor.

Warm Freezer Temperature

Freezers are intended to not operate with high temperatures. So, if you have a warm freezer, then expect the occurrence of some problems with your food items and products. A warm freezer might be caused by a faulty thermostat as it cannot cool your appliance optimally. Faulty temperature sensors can also cause the warming of your freezer. One bigger problem when it comes to a warm freezer may be found on your sealed refrigerant system, which requires complicated repairs.

These problems may plague your freezer if you have been using it for a long time. Any faulty components must be repaired and replaced right away to avoid spoiling your food products and frozen items. To have your freezer checked, you can contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration. We offer a vast range of services from installation, repairs, and regular maintenance schedule of freezers and other related products.

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