Top Causes of Coolroom Malfunction and When to Call for Help

30 June 2020

Business owners who run restaurants and groceries normally store a huge number of food products to make their daily operations sustainable, lucrative, and profitable. Some of them would purchase huge refrigeration units to supply the needed storage capabilities. Others, on the other hand, would utilise and much prefer coolrooms because of their long-term uses and benefits.

One benefit of coolrooms is that they can maintain a constant temperature for storing food products. They can also stock items as long as possible without worrying about incidents of spoilage. Health and safety are also prioritised and maximised by coolrooms since they can easily provide consistent temperature and the required condition for the products to stay fresh.

All the mentioned benefits of coolrooms can only be obtained if they are fully functional. However, if you have a faulty coolroom, then you must know some of the top causes behind it before calling for help.

Faulty Thermostat

A lot of business owners tend to store products on their coolrooms beyond their normal capacity. Once the number of products exceeds the maximum storage limit of the coolroom, its thermostat may suddenly stop working. And even if you store products within the storage limit, air temperature fluctuations may still happen if the thermostat does not accurately sense the needed cooling requirement of the room. If you have confirmed that your thermostat is faulty, then call for some professional help right away.

Vapour Barrier Problems

Coolroom walls and ceilings are typically bombarded with numerous problems. One of these problems is the existence of a rotten wall or ceiling. Even if your coolroom is made from durable material, your walls and ceiling can still rot due to the absence of a vapour barrier. Wrong installation of the said barrier can also lead to rotting walls or a dripping ceiling. Without proper installation of the vapour barrier, your coolroom walls and ceiling can instantly allow moisture to penetrate their surface and into the wood cladding.

Temperature Issues

When the surface temperature of the coolroom is not consistent in most times, then mould would usually start to grow on the surfaces of the walls and ceiling. An unstable moisture level inside the coolroom also causes the growth of mould. Aside from moulds, the condensation wall can also occur if the temperature inside the surface of the coolroom is colder than the air that hits it. Bad airflow, together with poor insulation of wall surfaces, can contribute to the formation of this problem.

Inefficient Coolroom Design

The malfunctioning of the coolroom can also happen when its overall design is inefficient and does not meet the requirement of the business. The lack of good compartmentalisation of coolroom products can lead to quick spoilage and damage to food products since some of them require different storage temperatures compared to others. Aside from bad compartmentalisation, coolrooms without an automatic defrosting, adjustable thermostat, and other necessary features can also contribute to the early malfunctioning of coolrooms.

The presence of these problems must be forwarded to professionals as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the coolroom and food products. If you want to have your coolroom repaired, feel free to call us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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