Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know When Buying Refurbished Commercial Freezers

29 May 2020

One key appliance that must be always present in food and hospitality businesses is a commercial freezer. Purchasing a new commercial freezer can be expensive, especially if it has certain features that make it stand out. Fortunately, the option of buying refurbished appliances is now available for business owners. With proper maintenance, purchasing a refurbished commercial freezer can perform similarly to a new one and can also last for a long time.

If this is your first time buying a refurbished commercial freezer, then you should know the following things first.

The True Definition of Refurbished Commercial Freezers

Refurbished commercial freezers or other appliances do not mean that they are fully broken-down or have sustained heavy damages. Appliances that are classified under refurbished items indicate that they may have been used for a reasonable amount of time or may have sustained light damages. Once these conditions are met, the manufacturers will have these freezers tested again and subsequently repair them. Once they are repaired, these refurbished freezers are sold again to the consumers at a much lower price.

The Value Proposition of Refurbished Commercial Freezers

Purchasing refurbished items and products will guarantee you great value without spending a lot of money. A refurbished commercial freezer often runs like a new one, which makes it an excellent, cost-efficient replacement for your old, non-functional freezer. Buying a refurbished freezer also helps you lower the budget on renovating or upgrading your commercial kitchen or storage.

Additionally, buying a refurbished commercial freezer allows you to help the environment. Instead of dumping a well-performing but old or slightly damaged appliance straight to the landfill, having it refurbished by the manufacturer and subsequently buying it helps decrease the overall waste in the planet and minimise waste pollution.

However, the one thing that you should always consider buying a refurbished freezer is its warranty. Even at a significantly cheap price, a refurbished freezer without a decent warranty coverage can be risky for your business. It may even cost your business everything if ever something terrible happens along the way. So, keep an eye out for the warranty of your preferred refurbished freezer so that you can maximise its value without endangering your business.

The Reliability of Refurbished Commercial Freezers

At first, you may be hesitant about buying a refurbished commercial freezer. You may even question the reliability and the performance of this type of freezer. However, all these elements will truly rely on your seller. There are sellers of refurbished appliances that can readily provide you a legitimate warranty for an acceptable amount of time. The amount of time that sellers provide is enough for you to test and assess the overall capabilities and properties of your refurbished items.

The life of refurbished appliances may also be questioned by some business owners. One thing that you should know about freezers is that they normally work and last for up to 20 years. Most of the time, many people get rid of their appliances even before their service life is over. Buying these appliances will ultimately give you more around 10 years of life, which is already a long time for keeping your business up and running.

Buying a refurbished commercial freezer is almost the same as buying a new one. Even the level of its performance is nearly identical to freezers that are freshly sold by stores. If you consider buying a refurbished commercial freezer, then give us a call at P&R Commercial Refrigeration so that we can help you the best one for you.

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