The Importance of Testing and Tagging Refrigerators

11 October 2021

Businesses involved in the foodservice industry would have to ensure the existence of quality cold storage solutions. Most of the time, business owners maximise refrigerators in storing their products.

Commercial refrigerators are being maximised by business owners due to their accompanying benefits. For one, these refrigerators are capable of storing and preserving the quality of food products. They can likewise ensure that the products will stay fresh before they are used, served, or sold to customers. And when picked appropriately, commercial refrigerators allow business owners to save resources, especially time, energy, and money since their specifications match the needs of their properties.

All the benefits of commercial refrigerators, however, can only be appreciated by business owners if they remain safe and operational. Fortunately, these refrigerators can undergo the process of test and tag.

An Overview of Test and Tag

Test and tag is the process of assessing the safety of electrical appliances. The first part of the process involves a thorough inspection of the appliances to confirm if they have damages. The second part of the process then proceeds in testing them with a portable appliance tester. Once the qualified professionals have finished these parts, a tag will be placed onto the appliances so that they are labelled appropriately.

The tag normally includes the confirmation of the test conducted, the one who tested the appliances, and the due date of the next test.

In-depth guidelines and information about the test and tag process can be found on the AS/NZS 3760:2010. With this specific standard, companies that conduct the test and tag processes can be guided on the regulations associated with it. It likewise provides key recommendations about the optimal test and tag intervals as well as the qualifications of the people who are eligible to test and tag.

Crucial Role of Test and Tag

Refrigerators must be tested and tagged to ensure that they will remain safe throughout their operations. Since commercial properties tend to work for hours, the refrigerators must also operate without any risk of failure or damage. Testing and tagging the refrigerators can also guarantee employees around them that they can work safely, and they will not obtain injuries due to electrical hazards.

While restaurants, stores, and other establishments are not required to have their refrigerators tested and tagged, business owners like you should still make sure that your appliances are safe. Having your refrigerators tested can pinpoint problems and issues that could affect their overall operations. Without testing and tagging your refrigerators, your employees and other people might get hurt, which would then force you to spend some money to treat them.

The process of testing and tagging refrigerators, however, should be done by qualified professionals. Fortunately, we, at P&R Commercial Refrigeration, have qualified professionals who can conduct the said processes. If you need to have your refrigerators tested and tagged, feel free to call us.

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