Test and Tag Services for Commercial Refrigerators: The Significance of Visual Inspection

20 June 2023

Commercial refrigerators are essential to restaurants, retail stores, and other similar businesses as they help store perishable items and maintain their freshness for a specific period of time. The lack of these units, after all, may only result in spoiled products, forcing these businesses to replenish them and spend more money. It can also lead to lower revenues.

While these businesses invest in commercial refrigerators, they should carry out additional steps to help maintain the operations of these cold storage solutions. One thing that they must do is to subject them to test and tag services.

An Overview of Test and Tag Services

Test and tag services are essential in maintaining the electrical safety of commercial refrigerators. They also aim to make commercial refrigerators efficient, minimising their overall energy consumption.

Some things that need to be done during these services are electrical testing and tagging of appliances. The former intends to assess their electrical components and verify if they are still working optimally or not. Tagging of appliances, alternatively, aims to indicate whether the refrigerators have passed or failed the tests. The tag contains information like the date of the test, the name of the technician who performed the test, and the date of the next test.

Now, one part of test and tag services that must also be done to check whether commercial refrigerators are working properly is a visual inspection.

The Significance of Visual Inspections

Visual inspection involves a comprehensive check of the commercial refrigerators. It aims to identify any visual signs of damage or wear and tear that may indicate a potential safety issue.

Some of the issues that the visual inspection can identify are as follows.

• Cord damage: The cord of a commercial refrigerator can become damaged due to wear and tear or improper handling. A visual inspection can identify any cuts, abrasions, or kinks in the cord that could lead to electrical shock or fire.

• Plug damage: The plug of a commercial refrigerator can also become damaged due to wear and tear or improper handling. Once the visual inspection spots cracks or bent prongs, the commercial refrigerator should be serviced to prevent fire-related issues.

• Casing damage: A commercial refrigerator with a damaged casing may be exposed to moisture or chemicals for a long time. It may also mean that it has been exposed to great impact during its use. A visual inspection may identify this issue, which must be resolved as soon as possible with the help of reputable technicians.

• Loose or exposed wires: Loose or exposed wires inside a commercial refrigerator can pose a risk of electrical shock or fire. A visual inspection can pinpoint any loose or exposed wires and ensure they are properly secured.

• Insulation damage: The insulation of a commercial refrigerator can become damaged due to wear and tear or exposure to heat or chemicals. Fortunately, any signs of damage to the insulation can be identified through a visual inspection.

Primary Benefits of Visual Inspections

Visual inspections are significant to businesses maximising commercial refrigerators as they help prevent electrical shock and fire hazards. These inspections can also help businesses comply with safety standards, extend the lifespan of their refrigerators, and keep their employees and customers safe. Visual inspections can even save them some money since they can already service the spotted damages before they get worse.

Visual inspection during test and tag services for commercial refrigerators is a critical aspect of electrical safety. It can identify damaged or worn components, prevent electrical shock and fire hazards, ensure compliance with safety standards, extend the lifespan of the refrigerator, and provide peace of mind for business owners and operators.

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