Repair vs. Replace: What is the Best Option for Your Broken Refrigeration Unit?

09 February 2022

Commercial refrigeration units are being maximised by industries as they can help in storing tons of perishable and sensitive products. They can likewise help in maintaining their quality, protecting them from bacteria, germs, and other harmful elements, and preserving their shelf life.

As mentioned, industries utilise the units to carry out various activities. But just like other appliances and equipment pieces, commercial refrigeration units can also become broken or faulty due to long-term usage. They can also become broken or faulty due to installation and operational errors.

If you currently have some broken refrigeration units in your business, then you have to choose between repairing or replacing them. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two.

Unit Type

One factor you should consider when choosing between repair or replacement is the type of refrigeration units you possess. Knowing their type can help you understand if they can still be repaired and saved rather than replacing them with a new or refurbished one. Built-in refrigeration units, for instance, normally have a long service life, which means you can still have them repaired after several years of usage. Top-freezer refrigeration units, alternatively, must be maintained within three to six years. If your top-freezer refrigeration units did not receive any upkeep from the said years, then you must replace them right away.


Even with regular servicing, your commercial refrigeration units can still be fully exhausted after years of operation. Knowing their average lifespan, nevertheless, can help you choose between repairing or replacing them. Regularly maintained single-door refrigeration units, for example, can last up to twenty years. Freezer-top refrigeration units, alternatively, can reach around 15 years. Now, if your refrigeration units are still within their average lifespan, then you can still repair them. But you must remember that as they become older, the repair costs increase as well, making replacement a cheaper option.


Another factor to consider when choosing between repair or replacement is the number of damages present on your commercial refrigeration units. There are instances where only a few components have been affected, which makes repair services the best choice in resolving the problem. On the other hand, refrigeration units that have obtained damages to their primary components can be difficult to fix. Additionally, these damages may require a lot of time, labour, and money, making the repair services too expensive. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to have them replaced entirely.

Energy Use

A couple of years ago, commercial refrigeration units are often not rated and checked for their energy use. Hence, it would be difficult for business owners like you to know if they would consume a lot of power during their operations. With this fact, faulty commercial refrigeration units that are already old are often recommended to be replaced as they will only cost you a lot in terms of both repairs and energy use. Opting for new or refurbished commercial refrigeration units can help you save a lot of operational costs and maintenance expenses. They can likewise improve the performance of your business.

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