Refrigeration Maintenance Tasks that Ensure Food Safety in Restaurants

27 March 2020

A restaurant can perform well if it has a good and functional refrigeration equipment. Without refrigeration, you will find it difficult to store and preserve food products that you intend to use in your daily business operations.

For you to have great refrigeration, you must maintain your equipment properly. Maintenance of refrigeration equipment can prevent breakdowns since it will be inspected and tuned up regularly. Moreover, maintenance can extend the life of your equipment as its components will be cleaned or replaced immediately. A well-maintained refrigeration equipment can also help you save money since it will be running more efficiently.

In maintaining your refrigeration equipment, here are some tasks that you should do for your restaurant’s food safety.

Maintain Proper Airflow

Airflow is essential in making your refrigeration equipment functional. It helps the unit remove heat from the inside. If you find any obstacles that block your equipment’s airflow, then remove them immediately. Boxes of supplies, furniture, decorations, and other potential blocking obstacles must be moved somewhere else.

Clean the Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The main role of coils is to absorb heat and release it outside the unit. The condenser coils, in particular, require specific attention since they are located on the outside of the refrigeration equipment. Grease and grime from your kitchen can accumulate on these coils, that is why it is important that you clean them right away. Without proper maintenance, your unit may not reach the required temperature, putting your food safety at risk.

Inspect Door Seals and Hardware

Refrigeration units with worn gaskets or broken hinges can cause improper closing of the unit. These damaged components can also cause air leaks, which affects the temperature of your unit’s interior. Your unit might not reach your set temperature when these components are unchecked for a long time, which can be dangerous for your food products. If you have these broken components, replace them with the help of professionals.

Fix Water Leaks

A small water leak inside or outside your refrigeration unit may be overlooked when you don’t regularly inspect it. The effect of this type of leak can be drastic since it can contaminate your food products and cause illnesses. Water leaks usually signify that your refrigeration equipment is on the brink of a breakdown. So, have your whole equipment check by professionals so that they can locate and fix the problems before it’s too late.

Clean the Ice Machines

To keep your food and beverages cold and chilly, you must put some ice on it for them to be as delicious as you have intended. It is also important that your ice is clean as it ensures that your consumers won’t get sick due to bacteria. So, you must maintain and clean your ice machine regularly. Cleaning of this component entails the need to take it apart and clean all parts that touch ice and water using specific tools and cleaning agents.

Check the Refrigerant Level

A correct level of refrigerant allows your refrigeration equipment to work properly. Leaks that occur over time can decrease your unit’s refrigerant level. If you have detected that your refrigerant level is critically low, then you must have your unit fixed for any leaks and your refrigerant recharged by a professional.

Following these maintenance tasks can help you ensure food safety in your restaurant. For more information about maintaining and servicing refrigeration equipment, you can contact us now at P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

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