Reasons Why Your Coolroom Emits Bad Smell and What Should Be Done

08 June 2021

Commercial properties that need to store food and other sensitive products typically integrate coolrooms into their day-to-day operations. After all, coolrooms can be very effective in keeping the commodities cold, with optimum temperatures that are already enough to preserve their quality.

One useful application of coolrooms is the storage of raw products before their sale or usage. Additionally, coolrooms can also handle products for everyday production and manufacturing processes, making sure that their shelf life can be extended. Ultimately, coolrooms can also be useful in displaying products and improving product visibility. Through incorporating walk-in or reach-in doors, coolrooms enable customers to easily grab their desired products.

But just like other storage solutions, coolrooms can still develop issues due to different reasons. One of these issues is the emission of bad smell or odour.

Key Reasons behind Bad Smell Emission

There are a bunch of reasons behind the existence of bad smell inside the coolroom.

One key reason behind bad smell emission inside the coolroom is the leakage in refrigerant gas lines. Refrigerant gases are still toxic nowadays. Once these gases start to leak, the coolroom will be gradually filled with a sweet yet dangerous odour that can be harmful not just for the products but also to the people inside. Leaving the leakage for too long might ultimately cause a big drop in the coolroom performance.

Another notable reason behind bad smell emission is the existence of temperature inconsistencies. Fresh produce and other food products emit a rotten smell once they get spoiled. So, if the coolroom cannot sustain the freshness of the products right at the very beginning, then it only signifies the presence of faulty electrical components or thermostat. The insulation of the coolroom may also cause this specific issue, allowing heat to enter the coolroom and spoil the stored products along the way.

One more reason behind bad smell emission would be the presence of mould inside the coolroom. Once a coolroom is filled with a musty odour, it only means that its surfaces are already infiltrated with mould. Mould often grows due to the existence of liquid condensation that accumulates on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It can likewise develop in specific coolroom areas where ventilation is poor.

Necessary Steps to Remove Bad Odour

The bad smell inside the coolroom must be removed right away so that the products inside will not be affected significantly. As the smell lingers for too long, the products’ quality can deteriorate easily.

One possible step that can help remove the odour is to conduct a deep clean of the coolroom. Cleaning the surfaces of the coolroom can remove any mould development as well as liquid condensation. Another great step is to install effective door strips and door seals, efficient lighting, and well-calibrated system control so that they can regulate coolroom temperatures and prevent bad odour emissions.

Of course, the most recommended step to undertake to remove bad coolroom smell is to call in a professional repair company. Professional repair services can inspect, assess, repair, and replace components that cause bad smell emission. Additionally, they may conduct a more thorough check and maintenance to see if there are other problems aside from the bad odour issue.

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