Primary Parts of a Commercial Refrigerator that Require Regular Maintenance

08 July 2021

Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that offer or sell meals to customers have to maximise cold storage solutions for their raw food items. Through these cold storage solutions, the raw food items will not get spoiled easily. The nutrients that these products have are likewise preserved effectively.

One cold storage solution that these establishments often has is the commercial refrigerator. When compared to a residential refrigerator, the commercial one tends to have more shelves and compartments. A commercial refrigerator likewise has more cooling power, allowing more raw food products to be cooled and preserved. This type of refrigerator, however, is expected to consume more energy due to the nature of its operations.

But for a commercial refrigerator to be effective in storing food items and keeping them fresh, some of its parts must be maintained regularly. Some of its parts that must undergo regular upkeep are as follows:

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil of a commercial refrigerator is intended to keep the refrigerant in its liquid form. This specific function is possible as it often receives high-pressure gas from the compressor before converting it into liquid. For the commercial refrigerator to be effective throughout its service life, its condenser coil should be cleaned once every three months. Cleaning of condenser coil can be done by using a stiff bristle brush to remove any build-up of dirt and dust. A vacuum or air compressor, alternatively, can be used in cleaning other remaining particles that cannot be removed by the brush.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil, alternatively, is designed to cool the refrigerant for it to be effective in absorbing heat. It likewise removes heat from the air, water, and other products that can be found inside the system. Typically located by the evaporator fan, it must be maintained continuously to avoid a significant drop in commercial refrigerator performance. To maintain the evaporator coil, make sure that its surroundings are clear from any items. The content of the commercial refrigerator must be minimised as well. The vents inside the refrigerator must be likewise free from products to avoid freezing the evaporator coil.

Interior and Exterior

The interior part of a commercial refrigerator is comprised of shelves and compartments. Since they often house a wide array of food items, they must be cleaned from time to time. When cleaning the interior section of the refrigerator, all food products must be removed first and stored in a temporary cooler. Afterwards, a soft brush with warm water and soap or a vinegar solution can be used to scrub the surfaces of the interior and even exterior parts. The removed shelves, drawers, and others can then be soaked for a short time and rinsed to make them cleaner and more hygienic.

Other Components

Other parts of the refrigerator that need to be maintained regularly include the doors gaskets, air filters, and drain pans and tubes. Door gaskets that are already broken must be replaced right away. Air filters, alternatively, must be free from dust, loose debris, and grease. The drain pans and tubes, ultimately, should be cleaned to remove big amounts of slime and sludge.

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