Important Tips to Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

13 March 2020

Commercial refrigeration units are critical in the daily operations of businesses that revolve around food, chemicals, and other temperature-regulated products. These units can preserve the quality and integrity of products that are intended for future use. As for food products, these refrigeration units can maintain their safe consumption as long as the storage and refrigeration are maintained well.

If you are using commercial refrigeration units, then you know that their regular maintenance is essential. Without maintaining your units, you will be surprised by how they can ruin your daily operations in just a matter of seconds.

Fortunately, maintaining your commercial refrigeration units can be done easily. Here are some of the tips that you must remember in cleaning and tuning up your precious refrigeration units

Allow Regular Inspections

The regular inspections and check-up of commercial refrigeration units must not be only done by you, but also by some refrigeration experts. These experts know the in and out of every commercial refrigeration unit. Just by one quick inspection and they can easily diagnose any signs of issues and problems on your units. Their inspections are also helpful since components that are identified to be worn out or damaged can be replaced right away.

Avoid Mould and Ice Accumulations

Any accumulation of ice and mould on your refrigeration units can pose danger and risk to your products. Neglecting any ice and mould on your units can attract bacteria and viruses. These elements can, later on, affect your products in a harmful way. You may even end up violating health code violations with this problem. Maintenance, as always, can be a great help for this issue. Experts would clean your water lines, bins, dispensers, and other important components.

Conserve and Save Energy

The condenser coils can affect the whole performance of your commercial refrigeration units. If these coils are dirty, your units have to work harder to maintain their optimal temperature, which can cost you more energy. Maintaining your commercial refrigeration units can help you save around 10 percent of your energy bills. For you to conserve energy, all you have to do is to clean the coils, replace worn components, and constantly check temperature settings and defrost frequency settings.

Perform Basic Tune-Up and Cleaning

Sometimes, we may feel that we often bother and disturb our hired refrigeration experts. If ever they are not available, you must know how to perform a basic check-up and cleaning. You can also ask them to teach you basic cleaning procedures. Depending on your availability, you may want to check lines for condensation, the integrity of the insulation, air leaks, loose electrical connections, fan motor, temperature and defrost settings, and filters on the ice maker. You can also clean the evaporator, condenser coils, fan blades, and many others if you know how to do it.

Maintaining your commercial refrigeration units can help you save a lot of resources. These units can also make your business profitable since you don’t have to expect slowdowns any time soon. To know more about the maintenance and cleaning of commercial refrigeration units, you can give us a call at P&R Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne.

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