Ensuring Safety of Fridges through Test and Tag

29 April 2021

Many owners of commercial establishments utilise refrigeration units as their main way of storing food products. These units are also made to keep the food products fresh before using or selling them. Some of the establishments that take advantage of these units are restaurants, bakeshops, and retail stores.

Commercial refrigeration units can be truly helpful for these types of businesses. However, if they are not assessed and maintained optimally, they can easily cause harm to the establishments and the people around them. Some common hazards that are associated with commercial refrigeration units include electrical injuries, burns due to coolant chemicals and coils, and poisoning from coolant chemicals.

To ensure the safety of commercial refrigeration units, they must undergo the process of test and tag.

A Brief Overview of Test and Tag

Test and tag is the process of confirming the safety of electrical appliances, especially those that are portable. The first part of the process is the inspection of appliances for any visible and hidden damages and issues. The subsequent part of the process is the testing of the appliances through a portable appliance tester. The testing is done to check the status of the appliances when power is supplied.

A tag is then placed on appliances to confirm that they have undergone the testing procedures. The tag shows the name of the one who tested the appliances, the date on which testing procedures are done, and the date on which the next tests must be performed.

Here in Australia, the guidelines and regulations for the test and tag industry and its accompanying procedures are indicated by the AS/NZS 3760. It also lays out recommendations that may be followed when identifying the appropriate test and tag intervals, the qualified professionals who can conduct the test and tag process, and other crucial details.

The Importance of Test and Tag

The process of test and tag can bring benefits to owners of appliances, especially those who utilise commercial refrigeration units. One of the benefits of this process is that it can easily identify and address any potential hazards that are present on the refrigeration units. Before causing injuries to the people in an establishment and generating any safety issues, the test and tag process can already confirm the presence of any problems and have the refrigeration units fixed and resolved right away.

Replacements can be inevitable to commercial refrigeration units that cannot be fixed anymore. With regular test and tag processes, the condition of these units can be checked as well as their potential issues. If these issues are identified to be difficult to repair, establishment owners can already plan a replacement for the faulty refrigeration units before they finally break down and affect their operations.

Test and Tag of Refrigeration Units

If you need to ensure the safety of your commercial refrigeration units, just contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration. We have been in business for over 20 years and has proven expertise in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning services. All fridges & units that we service are tested and tagged before leaving our premise, making sure that they can be safe for long-term operations.


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