Effective Ways of Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration

12 April 2021

Commercial refrigeration units are meant to help establishments that sell or use food products as part of their main business operations. After all, these units can store food products at temperatures that would prevent microbes and other elements from growing and spoiling them.

Given that the quality of food products must be preserved all the time, commercial refrigeration units likewise must operate regularly. They practically do not stop working unless they undergo maintenance or repairs. Likewise, they may only be turned off if there is no power supply available. But to ensure that the food products will not be spoiled or get damaged, commercial refrigeration units must be maintained.

If you are currently operating numerous commercial refrigeration units for your business, then here are some tips that can maintain their overall functions and prevent their breakdown.

Clean the Seals

Refrigeration units utilise seals to conserve the energy and temperature inside their systems. Without checking and cleaning the seals, the hot air from outdoors can easily get inside, which would only cause temperature fluctuations and other costly problems. To maintain your commercial refrigeration units, you must keep the seals cleaned all the time. You can use warm water to clean the seals and remove any presence of grim or dirt. Remember to not use heavy-duty cleaners if you want to keep your seals’ quality intact. You may likewise call for professional help if you want them to be cleaned thoroughly.

Install Gaskets

Gaskets that have been split can often take in warm air, which would ultimately result in damaging the food and other products inside the commercial refrigeration unit. And so, you must make sure that the gaskets will be installed carefully. Additionally, these gaskets must be cleaned and maintained properly so that they will not allow warm air from infiltrating the commercial refrigeration unit. If you have found some issues, you may try to patch them up with an adhesive repair putty. Replacements can also be done if the gaskets cannot be repaired or fixed anymore.

Clear Out Drains

Another way to maintain the performance of your commercial refrigeration unit is to make sure that its drain line will be free from any debris. The drain line is designed to let the water flow into a pan, which is a place intended to allow its evaporation. The drain line needs to be cleaned so that the refrigeration unit will not obtain some leaking issues. If the water will be stuck somewhere else, it may get into the food products, which would spoil them along the way. The water can also reach the floor area, which can be hazardous for your establishment. The water may also freeze, which would cause poor airflow.

Periodic check and maintenance can also be done to make sure that your commercial refrigeration unit will always be at tiptop shape. If you need to conduct these activities, feel free to call us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration. We conduct a full range of services from 24/7 breakdowns, refurbished refrigeration equipment to installs, commissioning & troubleshooting to ongoing maintenance.

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