Commercial Freezer and Commercial Cool Room Installers in Melbourne: Why P&R Does it Best?

31 July 2020

Commercial facilities that require proper storage for food and other related products typically turn to freezers and cool rooms. Obtaining these two storage options can significantly help in preserving the quality of products since their cooling process effectively slows down any elements of deterioration.

The installation of freezers and cool rooms can be done by any commercial establishment alone. However, acquiring the services of professional installers can make things easier. Any mishaps or accidents can be prevented since they are knowledgeable and experienced enough to configure and setup everything. One professional installer in Melbourne that you can hire for your commercial freezer and cool room needs is P&R Commercial Refrigeration.

P&R Commercial Refrigeration is a company known for installing and servicing commercial freezer, cool room, and other storage needs. Located in Melbourne, the company takes pride in the following qualities that make them the best installer for commercial storage and cooling solutions.

Holds on to Years of Experience

For almost 30 years, P&R Commercial Refrigeration has been offering tons of services that are related to air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. They cater to a full range of services that include installing, commissioning, troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, and refurbishing cooling and refrigeration equipment. They readily manage projects from end-to-end: from designing to costing, engineering, delivery, and installation.

Caters to Different Industries

A lot of industries have been hiring P&R Commercial Refrigeration for the servicing of their freezers, cool rooms, and other related equipment. The company can readily all its available services to businesses that revolve around hospitality venues, retail food outlets, petrol stations, butcher shops, convenience stores, and supermarket industry.

Utilises Competent Tradespeople

One of the main reasons why P&R Commercial Refrigeration has been successful for the past three decades is its utilisation of competent tradespeople and technicians. They know how to respond promptly with respect. They also know how to deal with issues regarding the servicing of freezers, cool rooms, and other commercial equipment. The company itself follows a high policy for customer services and values the resources of its clients, providing the best and highest standard of quality possible.

Offers High-Quality Services

Speaking of customer services, P&R Commercial Refrigeration has tons of high-quality services that they can readily offer to clients. From installation to repairs, all the needed work for the commercial freezer and cool rooms is thoroughly covered without compromising quality. In case of emergency breakdowns, the company can readily offer a range of mobile cool rooms and freezers that are cleaned and well-presented. The transportation and delivery of the needed equipment are also covered by the company.

All these qualities enable P&R Commercial Refrigeration to provide the best service out there, especially when it comes to the installation and maintenance of commercial freezer and cool room. If you want to know more about the company, feel free to contact us now.

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