Commercial Chest Freezer Buying Guide: What are the Most Important Things to Consider?

30 September 2020

Commercial establishments like stores, supermarkets, and restaurants utilise the functions and capabilities of a chest freezer. This type of refrigeration unit typically comes in a box design that can be accessed through a top-opening lid. Commercial chest freezers are recommended in fulfilling extra storage for food products as they can provide around 20% more capacity compared to others.

The benefits of commercial chest freezers are simply plentiful. These refrigeration units can offer high capacity storage without experiencing a drop in the interior temperatures. They also usually come in robust and durable designs that are easily paired with long-lasting materials. Chest freezers are likewise less expensive than upright freezers.

If you are thinking of buying a commercial chest freezer for your business, then here are some of the most important things that you must consider.

Storage Capacity

One thing to consider in buying a commercial chest freezer is its storage capacity. This specific element generally depends on how big your business is. If you own a restaurant, then you must get a large commercial chest freezer since you must stock a huge amount of meat and other related products. Alternatively, a small- or medium-sized commercial chest freezer is already sufficient for a small store or stall. For reference, the sizes of these chest freezers may range between 104 and 566 litres.

Freezer Footprint

When buying a commercial chest freezer, you must thoroughly consider its overall unit footprint as well as the available space in your establishment. While you must obtain a chest freezer with huge storage capacity, it would also be important to take note of the dimensions that the said refrigeration unit will occupy. You must evaluate the dimensions of the refrigeration unit and compare them to the dimensions of the allocated space for its installation and placement to avoid buying an incorrect chest freezer.

Safety Functions

Since the chest freezer is intended for commercial use, you must find one that has great safety functions. Commercial chest freezers must include temperature warnings so that anyone can be notified if ever the temperature inside has reached extremely high or low levels. These warnings can effectively prevent the spoilage of food products and incurring a huge loss. Aside from temperature warnings, you must also find one that has door locks to prevent unauthorised access to food products.

Extra Features

A commercial chest freezer must also have some more additional features that can provide you convenience and useful functionalities. Your chest freezer may have a sliding glass door cover to effectively maintain interior temperatures and preserve food products. The presence of wheel casters can likewise allow easy movement and transportation of the freezer. Other features that you may consider include stackable baskets or dividers, great insulation, adjustable thermostat, and replaceable lid gaskets.

Overall Cost

Another great thing to consider in buying a commercial chest freezer is its overall cost. Evaluating the worth of a commercial chest freezer would usually involve its return on investment in the long run. Energy consumption, as well as maintenance and cleaning operations, must also be calculated and evaluated with the overall cost of a commercial chest freezer.

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