Causes of Dripping in Commercial Freezers

28 August 2020

For businesses, commercial freezers are very helpful in maintaining the quality and freshness of food products since they offer a cold or freezing temperature for the preservation of food. Additionally, commercial freezers offer more functionalities and features than the regular ones, making them a much valuable investment at any given time.

Commercial freezers are typically created out of durable and long-lasting components. However, there will be instances where these freezers suddenly become faulty or damaged due to various reasons. One problem that may occur with freezers is when they do not provide the optimal freezing temperatures. Another problem that may happen with freezers is when they constantly drip or leak water all over the place. While the first problem is often solved right away, the latter problem is just ignored by commercial freezer owners most of the time.

Causes of Dripping or Leaking Water

Commercial freezers that drip or leak water are often caused by numerous factors. One of these factors is the existence of faulty seams between the panels. Another factor that can cause drippings is the continuous use of aging or damaged seals that seamlessly allow the intake of warm air instead of preventing it from entering the freezer.

Aside from these components, dripping in commercial freezers can also happen due to faulty or damaged insulation, water filter, drain pan, defrost drain, and ice maker. Faulty insulation will not have the capability to maintain coldness inside the freezer, damaging and contaminating frozen food products. Water filter, drain pan, defrost drain, and ice makers that are not cleaned and maintained regularly will also allow water to just flow outside.

The unprecedented effects of condensation can also cause dripping in commercial freezers. The warm and humid temperature of the outside air can generate enough condensation around the freezer exterior, allowing it to look like it is perspiring. Condensation may also happen if the freezer works and functions more than its recommended capacity.

Hazards of Dripping or Leaking Water

Ignoring the problem with dripping water in commercial freezers can pose serious risks and hazards to the people working around them. The accumulation of water on the floor can be a major safety issue for the employees and others who will be walking around the establishment. You see, slipping and falling accidents are often recorded whenever there are pools of water on the floor. And while most of these accidents do not cause major injuries, some of these cases can be fatal and dangerous.

Another major concern with dripping water has to do with the build-up of mould and bacteria. Leaving puddles on the floor as well as drippings on the walls can initiate the formation of mould and bacteria since they both thrive on these kinds of environments. Diseases and illnesses will then start to infect employees and even customers or visitors who will be visiting the place.

Dripping in commercial freezers can also affect the consistency and quality of food products. And when this issue remains unchecked, several food products may spoil or get damaged easily, affecting the overall performance and income of the business.

In case of dripping or leaking in commercial freezers, you can call for professional help to assess the condition and the subsequent steps that must be done and applied. Solving this issue right away can help maintain the operations of the business.

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