Invest in Quality: Refurbished Freezer Units from P&R Commercial Refrigeration

09 April 2024

Invest in quality refurbished freezer units from P&R Commercial Refrigeration to ensure optimal performance and savings. Explore their edge for your business. Refurbished freezer units offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution for businesses requiring commercial refrigeration. Whether for food storage, pharmaceuticals, or other perishable goods, businesses rely on freezer units to maintain product integrity and ensure regulatory compliance. Investing in new freezer units, however, can be costly, especially for small businesses or those operating on tight budgets. A great alternative to new freezer units is refurbished freezer units. What are Refurbished Freezer Units? Refurbished freezer units are previously owned freezer […]

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Cold Storage Solved: 4 Door Fridges for Busy Businesses

25 March 2024

Obtain proper cold storage for your busy business with 4 door fridges from P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Invest in spacious solutions to meet high demands. Cold storage solutions like 4 door fridges serve as one of the main components of food service and retail businesses. These solutions provide the refrigeration needs of such businesses, making sure perishable and other similar items can be stored and organised effectively before they are used or sold. 4 door fridges are cold storage solutions known for their expansive storage capacity, superior organisation, and energy efficiency, allowing them to meet the high demands of any busy […]

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Perfectly Fitted: Customised Refrigerator Cases for a Flawless Look

08 March 2024

Improve your food business with customised refrigerator cases by P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Discover how they enhance aesthetics and functionality. Food businesses here in Australia can experience enhanced aesthetics and functionality with the right customised refrigerator cases. Refrigerators play a significant role in restaurants, meat shops, and others as they keep food fresh. However, to achieve a flawless and cohesive look in these spaces, business owners like you must invest in customised refrigerator cases. Custom Design and Functionality Generally, customised refrigerator cases are designed to seamlessly integrate into the aesthetic and layout of a food business. From sleek glass displays to […]

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Rapid Response: Mobile Coolrooms for Hire for Unexpected Breakdowns

21 February 2024

Attain rapid response solutions for unexpected breakdowns with mobile coolrooms for hire by P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Call us at (03) 9357 0799 today. Foodservice and hospitality industries take advantage of cold storage solutions to store and preserve perishable goods. These solutions often include coolrooms and freezers. Coolrooms are used by the said industries as they can store a huge volume of food items and keep them at low temperatures. They also simplify inventory management as they are often made to be spacious and expansive. Coolrooms, however, can experience unexpected breakdowns due to long time of usage, aging cooling systems, faulty […]

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance: Understanding Temperature Problems

05 February 2024

Keep your business cool with commercial refrigeration maintenance by P&R Commercial Refrigeration. Learn the causes of refrigeration issues. Call 03 9357 0799. Commercial refrigeration systems carry a huge role in a lot of industries, including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and retail. They help provide precise temperature control for the preservation and storage of their products. They likewise avoid costly losses due to compromised product quality. Temperature Control in Commercial Settings Temperature control is an aspect of commercial refrigeration that helps in preserving the freshness and safety of perishable goods. The lack of this aspect can only lead to food spoilage, […]

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