Effective Ways of Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration

12 April 2021

Commercial refrigeration units are meant to help establishments that sell or use food products as part of their main business operations. After all, these units can store food products at temperatures that would prevent microbes and other elements from growing and spoiling them. Given that the quality of food products must be preserved all the time, commercial refrigeration units likewise must operate regularly. They practically do not stop working unless they undergo maintenance or repairs. Likewise, they may only be turned off if there is no power supply available. But to ensure that the food products will not be spoiled […]

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Managing Energy Efficiency in Coolrooms

26 March 2021

There are a lot of buildings and establishments that utilise coolrooms. For one, grocery stores and retail shops maximise coolrooms to effectively store food items like meat, fish, and frozen products. Hospitals and clinics, alternatively, use coolrooms to store and preserve the quality of medicines, blood, and samples. And speaking of samples, laboratories and research centres likewise utilise coolrooms in storing sample elements that are vital for their research. Other places that can maximise coolrooms include data centres, food processing structures, restaurants, warehouses, and storage facilities. One common thing about these establishments is that they are known to consume a […]

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When to Call for a Professional Refrigerator Repair?

12 March 2021

One of the major work centres in any type of kitchen is the refrigerator. What makes refrigerators recommended for all kitchens is that they can slow down the growth of bacteria in most food products. If these products have a lot of moisture and obtain favourable high temperatures, then they can easily allow bacteria to grow rapidly. Alternatively, keeping them cold and refrigerated can slow down bacterial growth and at the same time prevent them from causing illness. Given the importance of a refrigerator, kitchen owners like you should ensure that it will be kept maintained and operational all the […]

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Causes of Excessive Ice Build Up in Freezers and What You Need to Do?

26 February 2021

Many home properties and commercial establishments that are part of the food service industry maximise freezers as one of their main storage spaces for food products. A freezer is a type of container that can maintain a freezing temperature just to protect foods from bacteria, mould, and rot. But just like other storage spaces and appliances, freezers can still have some issues as they operate for a long time. Sometimes, freezers can be either too cold or too warm. They can also release some bad odour or operate loudly. Food products, especially those that are dehydrated, can likewise get freezer […]

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Refrigerated Meat, Deli, and Fish Cases: What are the Differences?

15 February 2021

Establishments that sell food often utilise refrigeration units so they can store and preserve their food products. One type of refrigeration units that they normally maximise is a refrigerated display case. Refrigerated display cases have display glasses that enable store personnel and customers to see the condition of the products while they are being stored in cold temperatures. Some of these display cases may have a curved glass, which is known to be expensive. Others, alternatively, only use straight glass. Almost all refrigerated display cases share the same core functions and appearance, but they actually differ according to the type […]

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