Primary Parts of a Commercial Refrigerator that Require Regular Maintenance

08 July 2021

Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that offer or sell meals to customers have to maximise cold storage solutions for their raw food items. Through these cold storage solutions, the raw food items will not get spoiled easily. The nutrients that these products have are likewise preserved effectively. One cold storage solution that these establishments often has is the commercial refrigerator. When compared to a residential refrigerator, the commercial one tends to have more shelves and compartments. A commercial refrigerator likewise has more cooling power, allowing more raw food products to be cooled and preserved. This type of refrigerator, however, is […]

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Basic Food Storage Procedures and Temperatures that You Should Know About

25 June 2021

Businesses that process, serve, or sell food products to clients or customers mostly maximise cold storage solutions. These cold storage solutions are intended to preserve the freshness of the food products as well as prevent bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from spoiling them. Some cold storage solutions that food businesses use include freezers and refrigerators. What is common about these things is that they can be set to certain cold or even freezing temperatures just to maintain the quality of food products. But one factor about food products that business owners should know about is their optimum storage temperatures. Their […]

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Reasons Why Your Coolroom Emits Bad Smell and What Should Be Done

08 June 2021

Commercial properties that need to store food and other sensitive products typically integrate coolrooms into their day-to-day operations. After all, coolrooms can be very effective in keeping the commodities cold, with optimum temperatures that are already enough to preserve their quality. One useful application of coolrooms is the storage of raw products before their sale or usage. Additionally, coolrooms can also handle products for everyday production and manufacturing processes, making sure that their shelf life can be extended. Ultimately, coolrooms can also be useful in displaying products and improving product visibility. Through incorporating walk-in or reach-in doors, coolrooms enable customers […]

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Ways on How to Increase Efficiency in Coolrooms

26 May 2021

Fresh food products and other related items that are intended to be sold, prepared, or served must all be stored appropriately. The purpose of their proper storage is to ensure that their quality will be preserved. Additionally, storing them prevents harmful elements from spoiling them and causing harm to consumers. Given the importance of proper food storage, businesses that offer or serve food products utilise coolrooms and other storage solutions. Through coolrooms, the adequate storage temperature of the food products will be maintained. These storage solutions can likewise provide employees easy access to these items. Even the transfer of food […]

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Signs that Your Coolroom Evaporator Fan is Not Working Properly

10 May 2021

Coolrooms are mostly utilised by businesses that often store products for later use or distribution. These wonders often have parts and components that allow them to work optimally, especially in terms of maintaining the cold temperatures of their spaces. One of these parts is the evaporator fan. An evaporator fan is often situated right on top of the coolroom, allowing it to absorb the air circulating inside the said room and blow the air back with a much lower temperature. Typically, the evaporator fan and other surrounding components utilise refrigerant to effectively cool the air that is being absorbed during […]

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