5 Primary Issues with Commercial Refrigeration Units

27 April 2022

Restaurants use raw food products as part of their ingredients for delicious meals. The same food products can then be offered by stores, which sell different products to customers.

Both these establishments must make sure that their food items will remain fresh and clean before using or selling them. And one great way to preserve and maintain their freshness and other notable qualities is by storing them inside the commercial refrigeration units.

Commercial refrigeration units help food products retain their fresh qualities and nutrients by storing them at low temperatures. Their low temperatures prevent bacteria from spoiling these products. While they may be made from durable components, these units may still develop varying issues as they operate. Here are some of the most common issues with commercial refrigeration units.

  1. Unstable Power

One of the most common issues with commercial refrigeration units is the presence of unstable power. If you are handling an establishment that needs these units, you know how important they are to your operations. And so, once you have discovered that your units are not powering up continuously, they might have already attained some issues with their wirings and other electrical components. You must, however, confirm first the stability of your wall outlet and ground wires.

  1. Erratic Temperatures

Another issue with commercial refrigeration units is the existence of erratic temperatures. Commercial refrigeration units have been designed to supply a stable cold temperature to your products. If some of your products, however, have become spoiled despite setting the thermostat to a low setting, your units may have already some problems with their components. Some areas of your refrigeration units that may require servicing are the thermostat, fans, compressor, and refrigerant.

  1. Accumulation of Ice

The temperatures of your commercial refrigeration units are cold enough to sustain the quality of your food items. But if you notice some accumulation of ice inside your units, they might have already attained some serious problems. Ice will only build up inside your refrigeration units if they do not have the right amount of air ventilation. Ice can also accumulate if they have defective door gaskets, causing warm air to enter the units, promoting condensation, and generating frost.

  1. Faulty Lighting

The loading and unloading of items inside your refrigeration units are known to be easy as long as they are equipped with working lights. Now, lights that do not work inside your refrigeration units may be replaced right away. But if your newly replaced lights have become faulty again in just a few days or weeks, you may have to check their compatibility with your units. Failure to match the recommended light specifications of your units will only lead to burnt-out electrical sockets.

  1. Abnormal Noises

Your commercial refrigeration units may generate some sound whenever they operate. But if their sound becomes audible and loud, something is certainly wrong with your units’ components. Some components of your commercial refrigeration units that may cause abnormal noises are fans, the compressor, and the motors. Failure to act on these issues right away may only lead to damaging your cold storage units completely. It may also lead to costly food waste.

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