5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit

29 September 2021

Retail stores, restaurants, and other similar establishments must ensure that their food products are stored optimally. Fortunately, commercial refrigeration units are widely available in the market today.

Commercial refrigeration units are useful appliances that can store a huge quantity of food products before they are used or sold. They likewise ensure that the products will not be filled with harmful microorganisms and outdoor elements and will be maintained at low temperatures. But before they could provide these benefits, the refrigeration units must consume a huge amount of power first.

While they truly rely on a significant amount of power supply, business owners like you can still do some things to regulate their energy consumption. Here are some energy-saving tips that you can do for your commercial refrigeration unit.

  1. Install at the Right Location

One energy-saving tip that you can do for your commercial refrigeration unit is to install it at the right location. Some areas of your establishment may be exposed to sunlight or hot equipment pieces. And since your unit should maintain a cool temperature, it must be in an area where the surrounding temperature is not that hot. Placing your unit in a hot area will only force it to consume a lot of energy.

  1. Maintain Sufficient Airflow

Somehow related to the first tip, the next tip that you can do to save energy with your commercial refrigeration unit is to ensure and maintain sufficient airflow around it. Your commercial refrigeration unit works best if it is located in an area that allows proper airflow. The surrounding area of your unit must not be cramped against other objects so that its heat exchange coils can function optimally.

  1. Regulate Cooling Capacity

Some business owners believe that setting the thermostat of the unit to its maximum cooling capacity can help them save a lot of energy and money. However, doing this does not guarantee huge energy savings. The best way to regulate the unit’s performance is to set the temperature wherein the water in its tray freezes up in around half an hour. Doing this tip can reduce the runtime of the condensers.

  1. Clean the Condenser Coils

Another great tip that can ensure significant energy savings on your system unit is to clean the condenser coils of your commercial refrigeration unit. These parts hold the refrigerant inside the unit. Cleaning them regularly can improve the cooling capabilities of your unit. Additionally, doing this can enhance the heat transfer within the system unit, which can subsequently minimise energy consumption.

  1. Check the Seals’ Condition

One more tip that can help you save energy with your commercial refrigeration unit is to check the condition of its seals. Seals and door gaskets must be working optimally so they can prevent warm air from entering the refrigeration unit. Once these seals and gaskets become faulty, your energy bills will easily increase. If they have obtained some damages, then you must have them fixed right away.

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