5 Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

06 January 2022

Establishments like restaurants, retail stores, and others maximise different types of storage solutions so they can preserve the quality of their products and offerings. One of the storage solutions that they utilise is commercial refrigeration units.

Commercial refrigeration units are maximised by these establishments as they can maintain cool storage temperatures for delicate products. They can also ensure that the products will not be exposed to elements that can affect their overall quality. Through these storage solutions, elements such as dirt, insects, and harmful microbes are deterred from entering the units and damaging the products.

But before commercial refrigeration units can be effective in carrying out these stated functions for a long time, they must be assessed and maintained regularly first. If you currently own and manage commercial refrigeration units, here are some things that you can do to maintain them effectively.

  1. Clean the Storage Area

One of the things that you should do to maintain your commercial refrigeration units is to clean their storage area. Since a lot of food products go in and out of your storage units, they can easily accumulate stains, spills, and other unwanted elements from them. Cleaning the spaces where the products are stored can make your refrigeration units operate optimally.

  1. Inspect the Door Seals

Another maintenance tip that you can do to preserve the service life of your refrigeration units is to inspect their door seals. The gaskets of the doors are meant to prevent outdoor air and other elements from infiltrating your storage area whenever the refrigeration units are closed. If your gaskets have amassed a lot of food debris, you must remove and clean them right away with mild soapy water. Replacement of the gaskets, alternatively, is necessary if they have already deteriorated.

  1. Tidy Up the Unit Coils

Aside from the storage area of your commercial refrigeration units, you must also clean and tidy up their condenser and evaporator coils. These components must be cleaned at least once every six months to ensure that they do not possess clogged debris. Failure to clean these coils will only force other components of your refrigeration units to work harder until they reach the end of their service life.

  1. Eliminate Sludge Formation

Commercial refrigeration units are known for attracting huge amounts of slime and sludge on their components, especially tubing and drain pans. Without removing these elements right away, they would end up forcing the refrigeration units to freeze up and stop operating. They can likewise release foul odour in your establishment and initiate leaks on the floor. These elements must be removed right away by cleaning out the said components with vinegar or warm soapy water solution.

  1. Replace the Air Filters

One more tip that you can do in maintaining your commercial refrigeration units is to replace air filters. Air filters are designed to filter grease, dust, and other elements. If they are not cleaned all the time, they will have difficulties in blocking off the previously stated elements. To clean the filers, you should apply them with a degreasing solution to remove thick grease. If the elements cannot be removed anymore, then you must replace the air filters right away.

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