4 Things You Should Do If Your Commercial Refrigerators Suddenly Break Down

07 February 2023

Commercial refrigerators are useful equipment pieces that food businesses often use in storing their products. Through these refrigeration units, they can ensure that their food products will remain fresh for a long time. These storage units can also store them in large batches without getting them spoiled. As long as the items are arranged properly, food businesses can conveniently use them whenever they are needed.

Given the importance of commercial refrigerators, business owners like you should ensure that they will work optimally throughout your operating hours. Even after business hours, your refrigerators must store and cool your products continuously.

But if some of your refrigerators suddenly break down, you must ensure that you do the following things to prevent unnecessary downtimes, lose large revenues, and others.

1. Maximise Bags of Ice

Food products and other perishable items must be stored in cold temperatures so they can remain fresh. But if your commercial refrigerators suddenly break down, you must not remove these things immediately. Instead, place bags of ice inside these cooling units so they can still keep the food products cold for hours. You can also place some food products in the ice bags. Even if the ice melts, these bags can still hold the low temperature for some time. Doing this can buy you some time in acquiring a more concrete solution to this emergency.

2. Prioritise Select Items

Despite placing some ice bags in your refrigeration units, you still have to remove some food products just to ensure that others will not get spoiled. Some products, after all, may still last for a long time despite not being cooled. These products include sodas, water, bread, and others that do not necessarily require refrigeration. Raw seafood, meat, and dairy products, alternatively, should stay inside the commercial refrigeration units. If you notice that some of them are starting to go bad, you may have to cook them right away.

3. Invest in Mobile Coolroom

The next thing that you can do when your commercial refrigerators break down is to invest in or hire mobile coolrooms. Mobile coolrooms are often offered by refrigeration companies. And since they are always on standby, these companies can transport these units to your business as soon as possible. Once they have been transported and set up, you can start the transfer of products right away. It can be somehow costly, but it can generally save you some more money instead of letting your food products and items spoil.

4. Contact Repair Services

Upon the transfer of your products to a mobile coolroom, you may want to proceed with the repair of your faulty commercial refrigerators. Contacting a technician right away is a good step so they can determine if your units need repairs. Some of the damages may be repaired by the technician. But if the damages cannot be repaired anymore, you may want to decide whether to buy a new refrigerator or opt for a refurbished one.

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