4 Things to Consider when Buying a Refrigerator for Your Commercial Kitchen

18 November 2021

Businesses that maximise commercial kitchens can only be effective if they possess high-quality food products. And one great appliance that can preserve the properties of these products is a refrigerator.

Refrigerators are appliances that can help commercial kitchens fulfil their goals and objectives as they can store food products at the recommended low temperatures. The presence of low temperatures inside the refrigerators can easily protect food products from being contaminated. It can even preserve the nutritional value of these products, making them fresh and intact. It can likewise prolong the shelf life of food products, preventing businesses from wasting energy and money.

Before buying a refrigerator for your commercial kitchen, you may want to consider the following things first to avoid unnecessary expenses and costly upkeep.

  1. Place of Installation

One thing that you must consider when buying a refrigerator for your commercial kitchen is its placement on your establishment. Commercial refrigerators often come in various qualities. Without considering the place of its installation, you may be surprised at how incompatible it is in your business. Before buying a refrigerator, you must secure a good spot near or inside your kitchen. The secured spot must then be measured and evaluated. Once you have verified that the place is optimal for a refrigerator, then you can look for one that has the right dimensions and qualities.

  1. Refrigerator Size

After checking your installation place, you must now consider the size of your refrigerator. Since you have measured the said place, you should use the acquired measurements in evaluating your refrigerator options. Now, based on your preferences, you should check whether you want your refrigerator to fully maximise the intended space or leave some space for accessibility. Most of the time, the latter option is preferred by many as it allows other tasks to be done swiftly. Ultimately, you must ensure that your refrigerator size can cater to the number of food products you will be using in your daily operations.

  1. Food Products

Another thing that you should consider when buying a refrigerator for your commercial kitchen is the types of food products you are planning to store. While refrigerators can generally cool any food product, some of them have customisations that can work effectively on specific food products. Deep freezers, for instance, can be great for storing ice creams or milk products. Pastry cabinets, alternatively, are recommended for bakery products.

  1. Energy Consumption

One last thing that you must consider when buying a refrigerator for your commercial kitchen is your energy consumption. Since commercial kitchens like yours are expected to draw a lot of energy you’re your daily operations, then you must go for a refrigerator that can consume less energy without affecting its overall operations. Looking for an Energy Rating label can be a great way of gauging and confirming the energy efficiency of refrigerators that you may encounter along the way. Once you have purchased an energy-efficient refrigerator, you may expect a decrease in energy costs of up to 30%.

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