3 Things to Consider when Buying Deli Display Cases for Your Shop

21 November 2022

Deli display cases are cold storage solutions that can store foods and drinks at low, safe serving temperatures. Some items that can be stored in these cases are meats, pasta salads, cheeses, bottled drinks, wraps, sandwiches, and grab-and-go snacks.

These cold storage solutions are intended not only to store items effectively but to attract customers to buy impulsively. Most of these display cases can only be accessed by the employees from the back, making sure that the products will not be exposed to microbes.

Adding deli display cases to your shop can help you preserve your items and enhance your business’s earnings. Here are some things you need to consider when buying them.

1. Type of Operation

When choosing deli display cases for your shop, you must thoroughly consider their type of operation. Right now, there are two types of deli display cases that you can consider, namely, forced air refrigeration and gravity coil refrigeration.

• Forced Air Refrigeration: Deli display cases with this type of operation work by circulating cold air through a fan. Throughout their operations, these cold storage units can easily maintain proper temperatures of food items and preserve their shelf life. They tend, however, to dry out unpackaged food items, which can affect their overall taste and texture. This option is good for you if you will be storing some cakes, pies, and pastries.

• Gravity Coil Refrigeration: Gravity coil refrigeration, alternatively, allows your deli display cases to circulate cold air without needing a fan. They often come with a gravity coil on top of these cases, allowing food items to be stored without drying out. You can choose these deli display cases if you intend to store raw meat, salad, cheese, and other deli items.

2. Display Case Size

Another thing that you should consider when buying deli display cases is their size. Two factors can affect the size of your cold storage units.

One of these factors is your available space. You may be thinking of buying the largest display case available in the market today. While it may still fit your establishment, the working space for your employees might become smaller, affecting the overall performance of your business. Failure to consider your available space can also lead to safety risks in your establishment.

The size of your deli display cases can also be affected by the number of items you will be storing. You might want to entice customers to buy more items through these cases. But to make them effective, you must only select and display a limited number of items to avoid overwhelming your customers. After all, opting for a large deli display case and filling them with tons of products may only look messy.

3. Main Appearance

One more thing you must consider when buying deli display cases for your business is their appearance. Their appearance can be determined by their style and lighting.

Deli display cases can be either square or curved. Square ones often take up minimal floor space. But the curved option is preferred by many businesses since it can make deli display cases look sleeker. Curved deli display cases can also add convenience to customers since they allow them to bend over and view the products without any issues.

Buying deli display cases with proper LED lighting is also necessary to ensure that your food items will be showcased clearly to the customers.

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