3 Common Commercial Freezer Breakdowns and Quick Solutions for Easy Problems

06 August 2021

Restaurants, diners, and other similar places typically rely on and maximise tons of storage solutions for storing and preserving food products. With storage solutions, these establishments can ensure that their food products will stay fresh and free from harmful germs and bacteria.

One of the storage solutions that the food service industry often utilises is commercial freezers. Commercial freezers are designed to freeze, display, or store food products at temperatures below 0°C. Keeping the food products at the mentioned temperatures can substantially preserve their quality, prolong their shelf life, and prevent fast spoilage.

But with the daily functions of the foodservice industry, freezers may generate some issues along the way. Worse, they may break down and hurt businesses. If you are currently using freezers for your business, here are some of their common issues and their accompanying solutions.

  1. Failure to Operate

A lot of commercial freezers tend to abruptly fail to start and operate. Their inability to power up may lead to serious problems since tons of products are often stored inside these storage solutions. As this specific issue extends for a longer time, some of the food products may start to spoil. The spoiled products will then damage nearby products until all of them cannot be consumed anymore. To resolve this issue, you must first check if the power cord is plugged in perfectly. You must likewise check if the power components are still intact and in great condition. If not, then you must seek help from a technician.

  1. Ice Accumulation

Freezers often operate below 0°C. But despite the low temperatures, the number of ice present inside these storage solutions should not be abundant. If your commercial freezer, however, is bombarded with ice, water, or frost, then it may have some problems with vital components. Your drain lines may need to be cleaned to remove any clogged elements. The coils of the evaporator should likewise be cleaned properly. Now, if the freezer still freezes up, then you may want to have your evaporator coil checked by a technician so they can assess its pressures and sub-cooling. They might also have to identify if there are any issues with your freezer’s air ventilation, refrigerant, defrost system, fans, and filters.

  1. Inaccurate Cooling

For commercial freezers to work optimally, they should be able to freeze the products without any problems. If your commercial freezer fails to freeze your products and preserve their conditions, then your storage solution might have some problems. One possible remedy when it comes to this issue is to move your commercial freezer away from the wall. Additionally, you might want to check the condition of your door sealing. A door sealing that is already worn out should be replaced right away. You might likewise check the condition of your temperature control gauge and assess if it needs to be replaced.

These common commercial freezer breakdowns can be easily resolved and even avoided if you will be conducting regular assessment and maintenance. To know more about these tips, you can contact us at P&R Commercial Refrigeration. We provide commercial refrigeration services to a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail, butcher shops & supermarkets.

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